iPod File recovery after iTunes Sync Error

I connected my iPod to Mac machine in order to sync new songs and videos, but received error: "Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)". As a result, I was not able to sync my iPod with system. And worse is that after repetitive attempts, iTunes removed all the content from iPod. The music player had my favorite music album and a bunch of other stuffs, how can they be recovered?

iTunes is a wonderful utility, which makes it quite easier for users to sync media from Mac machine to iPod. Users can update music, videos, podcasts and other content on their iPod without much hassle; but on the other hand many a times, user face problems while synchronizing iPod files with iTunes. This often makes iPod media player corrupt and inaccessible, which is one of the main reason for iPod data loss. However there are many other reasons because of which files are lost from iPod as listed below:

  • Accidentally perform “Format” operation on your iPod
  • Using your iPod on multiple operating platforms like both Windows and Mac OS
  • Corruption of iPod file system due to malware / virus infection
  • Interruption while transferring files from iPod to Macintosh or vice versa
  • Performing “Restore” operation on iPod
  • Ejecting your iPod music player during copying process
  • iTunes software failure resulting in file loss

Why to use Yodot recovery software?

Files from iPod can get deleted or lost due to several reasons, but luckily these files can be retrieved back with the help of effective iPod recovery software such as Yodot Mac Photo Recovery, which is designed with advanced techniques to scan and safely rescue media files from iPod in less span of time. The user friendly interface provided with this software helps even novice users to get back media files such as photos, music, video clips, documents, podcasts, games etc from iPod on Mac OS X machines easily. It supports recovery of media files from various iPod models namely iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic on Mac OS.

iPod file recovery steps:

  • First, connect your iPod to your Macintosh machine and let it get detected
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on it
  • Run the application and follow the on screen procedure
  • Two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” will be showed on the main screen
  • Use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve your erased iPod files or “Lost Photo Recovery” option to rescue your missing iPod files
  • The application scans your Mac system and displays all the Volumes present on it (including connected Volumes)
  • Select the drive which represents your iPod and click on “Next” button
  • The tool starts the scanning process and shows all the recovered files in two different views
  • Switch between the two views and choose the desired files which you would like to save
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your recovered files


  • Regularly update your iTunes software, to enjoy new features
  • Backup your iPod files to more than one external drives and don’t use your iPod after losing data
  • Don’t remove your iPod while syncing iPod files with iTunes
  • Avoid saving recovered files to iPod from which you lost files as it might result in overwriting of original data

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