Restore Photos from Trash on iMac

“Hi, I own iMac to carry out all my daily schedules. Recently while trying to restore certain important pictures from Trash bin; I accidentally emptied Trash on iMac and lost various pictures from it. Is it possible to get back photos removed from Trash on iMac? If yes, then please suggest me good solution regarding this. Thanks in advance.”

iMac is one of the amazing desktop models introduced by Apple Inc. that includes CPU within the monitor; thus, comfortably fitting in very small place. One can hoard personal data, Official files, reports, memorable photos, movies, etc. on iMac. Just like any other Macintosh computer; when you delete any files like pictures on iMac, they get stored in Trash folder. But, users face many unknown situations wherein pictures from iMac Trash will be lost. The most common way is inadvertent deletion which leads to complete removal of picture files from iMac. Other reasons behind removal of images from Trash folder on iMac are listed here:

  • Unintentional formatting of system drive: When hard drive on iMac is formatting, usually most of the users do not check Trash folder. This might cause loss of any important pictures present in Trash after formatting the drive
  • Emptying Trash bin: Even though users know that Trash holds all intentionally and accidentally deleted files, most of them do not check the folder for presence of any important files before emptying the Trash

However, just by deleting any image file on iMac it is not lost permanently. Only the index pointer of the file will be erased from registry, making it completely invisible / inaccessible by the OS X. Thus, user might think that after deleting pictures from Trash on iMac, pictures are permanently removed from iMac. But, with the usage of right photo recovery software, it is possible to resolve the query how to recover photos from Trash on iMac?

Utility to regain pictures from iMac Trash:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best program to restore all types of image files lost on iMac and other Macintosh machines. This utility has powerful recovery algorithms that will scan entire drive to bring back missing and erased pictures, songs, movies and other files with utmost ease. One can use this tool to find media files from system drive, external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards, iPods and other notable storage media on Mac computers/laptops running with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating system versions.

Guidelines to retrieve photos from Trash on iMac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on your iMac from where pictures are lost
  • Install the program and run the utility by clicking on the software icon
  • Main screen displays two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select either of the above option and click on Next
  • Then, select the volume that represents memory space of Trash bin on iMac
  • Now software starts to scan the selected volume for lost or deleted pictures
  • All the restored photos will get displayed under Data view / File Type view options
  • Select required image files by toggling between the view types and click on Preview button to view the required picture
  • Target desired location to save retrieved photos and click on “Save” button

Necessary Tips:

  • Prior to emptying Trash Bin on iMac, check if there are any important pictures and other files
  • Perform correct procedure while restoring pictures from Trash on iMac