Restore Videos from GoPro Camera

GoPro HD Hero is a waterproof camera that takes high quality video footage without even being touched by the user. It is highly versatile and can attach to surf boards, helmets, bikes, cars, quad bikes and many more. For those who live an extreme lifestyle and enjoy the company of rushing down a mountain on a surf board or careering down a mountain on a mountain bike, etc this camera is best available option to capture such actions. One of the main advantages of GoPro camera is that you need not handle it while driving or steering.

However, there are some users who delete or lose their precious videos from GoPro camera. For instance, you are a researcher working on wild life research project and as a part of your research; you wander around the forest and record some vital videos from GoPro camera and while the recording process your camera switched off due to low battery. After charging, when you switched on the camera, the videos which you recorded is missing from your camera.

In such case, you think of all available options to get back videos from camera. You have taken risk to capture adventure videos in forest and losing such data might be painful for any one. Since most action footages on your GoPro HD Hero are captured in an instant, you have no chance to capture the same scene twice. So how to retrieve videos from GoPro HD camera? Before knowing the technique to recover videos from camera, you have to know the other reasons for loss of videos from GoPro camera as listed below:

  • While watching videos from your GoPro camera, you may accidentally select and delete an important video
  • Power failure, improperly removing SD card of GoPro camera while transferring videos from GoPro camera to computer or external drive may lead to loss of videos
  • Bad connection between Mac computer and GoPro camera also result in video file loss from camera memory card
  • Error messages on GoPro camera due to memory card corruption makes recorded videos inaccessible
  • Accidentally formatting memory card on GoPro camera or on Macintosh system when connected for file transfer will erase entire video files saved on the camera

If you are a researcher then you will know, how it feels to lose important videos. But no need to get depressed because you can get back those videos without affecting its quality easily with the help of a camera recovery software named Yodot Mac Photo Recovery. This is one of the best and eminent software to bring back video files from GoPro camera with perfection. This tool can identify and restore variety of video file formats namely AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, RM, M4V, AEPX, ALE, AVP, AVS, BIK, BDM, BSF, CPI, etc from various digital cameras and camcorders on Mac OS. Other than videos, it is also possible to restore photos, RAW images, music files and other documents from memory cards, iPods, USB drives, hard drives, external hard disks and storage drive.

Steps to do video recovery from GoPro camera:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to your Mac computer or laptop
  • Plug in your GoPro camera via USB cable
  • Open the application and follow the main screen steps
  • To recover your deleted videos use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option and use “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover your lost files
  • The software scans and displays all the internal and external Volumes connected to the computer, choose the Volume which represents your DSLR camera and click “Next”
  • The tool repeats the scanning process and shows all the deleted and lost videos from it
  • Select the video files which you would like to recover and preview them before saving
  • Save the recovered video files to your desired location for example hard disk volume, pen drive or even on CDs or DVDs


  • Do not shoot videos from your GoPro camera when it is running out of the power
  • Never delete any video unless you transfer it to your Mac computer
  • Make sure that you don’t use your GoPro camera once you realized that you have lost videos from it

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