Get Back Music from Trash

“I have moved some files from my Mac computer to the Trash Bin thinking that those are of no use. Yesterday night while listening to music in my Mac, I noticed that along with unwanted one, I have accidentally deleted few important music tracks. So I went to Trash Bin in order to restore them back. But instead of clicking on “Put back” option, I have unintentionally clicked on “Empty Trash”. Now all the files present in Trash got emptied. I don’t care about other files, but I bother only about music files. Can anyone let me know how can I recover deleted music files?”

It is not wondering as a number of users face such situation every day. But particularly in case of non technical users the problem seems a riddle that can never be resolved. Well, do not get disappointed!!! You will find solution after reading this article but before providing a solution, it is primarily important to look into the data loss scenarios. Below listed are few of them:

  • If you enable “Auto Trash” option, then the files present in Trash Bin gets automatically emptied every time you log on to your Mac system
  • In case you accidentally or intentionally empty Trash using “Secure Empty Trash” option then the files located in Trash gets permanently deleted from your Mac and you won’t find any option to restore it (The files deleted using this method is beyond recovery)
  • You may open Trash Bin and inadvertently delete particular music files without paying much intention while deleting some unneeded ones
  • When Mac hard drive is full, you may prefer to delete some files in order to free up some space. But many users make use of “Shift + Command + Delete” keys in this case. When you apply this method then along with other files, music files gets emptied from Trash

However, when you come across severe data loss issues, you should implement on recovery software such as Yodot Mac Photo Recovery. This software follows a lucid and comprehensible approach to retrieve deleted music files from Trash. It uses safe and proprietary mechanisms to scan your Mac hard drive and recover every piece of deleted, lost, or inaccessible music files from Trash. With the utilization of this software, not only music files, but other files such as photos, videos and documents can be recovered from Mac hard drive and external storage drives on Mac OS X.

Steps to restore music from Mac Trash

  • Connect the digital camera directly to the computer or disconnect the memory card and connect it via card reader
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software in your Mac computer
  • Run the software and follow the instructions to commence the recovery process
  • Choose any one of the option provided, i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Let the application to scan the hard drive to recover deleted / lost music files
  • You will now find all the recoverable files in a Mac Finder styled view
  • Select the music files that you want to recover by just marking on a particular file
  • Click on “Preview” to make sure that you have selected right one to recover
  • At last, choose the destination location to store the recovered files

Tips for future reference

  • It is suggested not to use “Shift + Command + Delete” unless you check your Trash Bin
  • If “Auto Trash” option is enabled, then immediately disable it in order to prevent automatic emptying of Trash