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“My iPod is very old and I have been using it since many years. Even though it is old, I was able to play songs smoothly without any difficulties. But yesterday I have accidentally dropped the iPod and upon starting it, I got format error message. I cannot format my old iPod as it has huge amount of songs which I have been saving from many years. What should I do in this situation?”

iPod has gained popularity around world and users utilize it in order to listen songs. In old iPod, you can store only songs; where as in modern iPod you can even add pictures and videos. Old iPod looks very small and it has hard drive to store plenty of songs. Even though different models of iPod have been introduced, users still prefer using old iPod since it is reliable and plays music files easily. However, few unpredicted instances that are encountered as listed below can make you lose all songs from old iPod.

Keeping songs in old iPod is risky as it may stop working at any point, so one should transfer entire collections of songs to Mac computer and save them as a backup copy. But songs may get lost before you decide to create backup of it. Therefore before songs get overwritten and you lose them permanently, use reliable music recovery software on your Mac computer.

old iPod music recovery software:

One can take help from Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software which has the ability to restore precious songs from old iPod. Easy functionality included in this software will facilitate users to get back music files back from old iPod without any complications. It will show file signatures and categories which has been used to recover files. In addition to this, it will give you the choice to mark files particularly or to select them once. This tool allows users to get back files from iPod that displays various error messages due to corruption. This software can even be used to bring back photos, videos, MS Office files, compressed files, animations and so on. Apart from old iPod, it can regain media files from upgraded iPod models such as iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini and iPod Nano. Utilize free demo to check whether you can successfully recover lost music files from iPod on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks machines.

Instructions to get back songs from old iPod

Cautionary Measures:

  • There may be the possibility of bad sector formation on old iPod so backup your music files in a safe location
  • Carefully select option at the time of moving files from old iPod to Mac computer

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