How to Recover Pictures from Sony Memory Stick?

“My favorite pictures saved on Sony Camera’s Memory Stick are lost now. After capturing pictures on my Sony digital camera, I removed the storage media and connected it to my Mac machine to upload these pics on social network. But then the Memory Stick was inaccessible on my Mac showing the error message that drive needs to be formatted. I do not posses any backup of these images. So can anyone please help me to recover photos from Sony Memory Stick on Mac?”

Memory Stick is one of the ultimate storage media developed by Sony and SanDisk that provides high storage capacity, minimum write speed and highly reliable security for data saved on it. Most of Sony manufactured gadgets like digital cameras, DSLR / SLR cameras, camcorders, etc. supports Sony Memory Stick as the external storage media to save data. It can save pictures and videos up to 32GB and provides great file transfer speed with USB 2.0 interface. Yet, while using Sony Memory Stick on gadgets, users frequently undergo picture file loss in many ways. Given below are few reasons behind loss of photos from Sony Memory Stick:

  • Improper usage: If Memory Stick is used on different gadgets to save pictures and other data then chances of photos getting lost/corrupt are high
  • Abrupt removal: Abruptly removing Memory Stick from the gadget / system while capturing pictures or while transferring the pictures from Sony Memory Stick can damage Memory Stick and causes inaccessibility of data
  • Virus infection: Connecting Memory Stick to any virus infected system might cause its corruption and it pops up errors when user tries to access pictures from it. In such instance, Memory Stick should be formatted to free it from corruption, which erases all files from it including photos
  • Accidentally erasing photo files: User may accidentally erase photo files when the Memory Stick is connected to Mac machine or while viewing the pictures on camera
  •  Other causes: Formatting / reformatting Memory Stick, connecting it on non-compatible devices, file system corruption, hardware / software conflicts, etc can lead to loss of photos from Sony Memory Stick

Regain access to Sony Memory Stick Photos:

In order to securely restore lost, deleted or missing picture files from Sony Memory Stick on OS X, utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. Empowered with ultra scan process, this software can easily bring back various types of images files along with videos and music files from different Sony Memory Stick models. Other than picture files, this tool can retrieve RAW image files such as SR2, CRW, NEF, ORF, PEF, CR2, etc. captured from popular camera models. This tool is designed with expert recovery algorithms to recover other media files i.e. RAW images, photos, videos, audios files and other documents from variety of Memory flash cards, hard drives, video recorders, iPods and other external storage media on Macintosh system. The software can be utilized for image recovery from storage devices manufactured by SanDisk, Sony, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, ADATA, etc. on all major Macintosh OS computers.

Step-by-step procedure to use Yodot Mac Photo Recovery:

  • Download the software on to Healthy Mac system and install it
  • Connect your Sony Memory Stick through adaptor to this Mac machine
  • Then run the utility by clicking on the icon created on the desktop
  • In the main screen, you will find two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and ‘Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select appropriate option based on picture loss scenario and click next
  • Now, select the drive associated with Sony Memory Stick and proceed
  • By clicking next, software thoroughly scans the drive and produces all lost / deleted pictures present on it
  • Go through the recovered images in Data View / File Type view list
  • Select required image file and preview it before saving itself
  • Now, select a destination location on Mac system drive and save the restored pictures by clicking on Save

Precautionary measures:

  • Do not save retrieved files on to the same Sony Memory Stick
  • Always backup important files from Sony Memory Stick to avoid accidental file loss
  • Always perform right procedure while removing / mounting Memory Stick on gadgets and/or computers