How to Retrieve Files from Sony MP3 Player?

MP3 players are the most popular devices in today’s world as the demand for media players is increasing day by day. Almost all the electronic goods manufactures have entered into the world of MP3 players or similar media players. Some of the most common MP3 players present it market are Sony, Philips, Samsung, Transcend, Zebronics and others.

Among these MP3 players, Sony is considered to be the most famous one, as it has very good quality than others media players. These MP3 players are made with the inclusion of USB interface and flash memory, which makes it easy to connect with other systems and to transfer MP3 files much faster. However, there are chances of deleting or losing files from Sony MP3 player no matter how careful you are. For an instance, if your Mac computer gets shutdown suddenly while transferring songs from MP3 player to Mac computer or vice versa. This interrupted file transfer process and you may get shocked when MP3 files that were being transferred are now missing.

What should be done now? Can those missing music files be recovered or are they gone forever? Just Relax! There is no need to get upset! Missing MP3 files from Sony MP3 player can be restored quite easily with the help of effective media file recovery tool.

What are the scenarios that lead to loss of music files from Sony MP3 player?

  • You may unknowingly erase the MP3 files, when your Sony MP3 player is connected to Macintosh computer for file transfer process
  • Accidentally, the user may delete the wrong MP3 files instead of deleting the intended ones in Sony MP3 player, which leads media file loss
  • Formatting the Sony MP3 player instead of formatting the respective volumes on Mac hard drive
  • Due to the result of virus infection, Sony MP3 player may get corrupted which in turn avoids access to the information from the MP3 player
  • Abrupt system shutdown while accessing music track from MP3 player can leads to missing of valuable music files

Sony MP3 Player Recovery Tool

To overcome data loss from Sony MP3 player due to the above mentioned scenario, it is recommend making use of eminent music file recovery. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool is one such tool that can get back any type of music file you lost from Sony MP3 player. For effective and easy recovery of audio files from Sony MP3 player a special option i.e. “Find Tool” is provided, so that you can easily search for the specific type of music files from recovered list of files. Along with simple graphical user interface, you can preview the recovered list of music files so that the exact data can be saved to the hard drive of the Mac computer. Apart from restoring of audio files from Sony MP3 player, you can rescue music files, video files, photos, RAW images and other files from other media players, iPods, memory cards, Mac system hard drive, Mac external hard drives, on Mac OS X system.

Simple guidelines to recover files from Sony MP3 player:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application in the computer by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of the installation process, the user can see shortcut icon present on desktop
  • Now plug in the Sony MP3 player to the computer where Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is installed
  • Launch the recovery tool using the shortcut icon and follow the instructions that are provided in the main screen
  • Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery are the options that are provided, click on the desired option that has resulted in loss of songs from Sony MP3 player
  • As the option is selected, in the next screen you can see list of logical drives that are present in the computer, including external drives connected to Mac OS
  • Select the drive representing your Sony MP3 player and click next to proceed with scanning process; you can monitor the progress by checking on progress bar
  • The restored list of music files are listed in a particular order in File Type View and Data View as required by the user
  • Select the files and save them to the respective destination location as available to the user

Best Safety Tips:

  • Keep backup of the files in a separate logical drive
  • Have updated antivirus protection installed in the computer
  • Avoid using Sony MP3 player on multiple desktops