How to Recover Data from Thumb Drive on Mac?

A USB flash drive is sometimes called as a thumb drive due to its small size and shape. These mini drives typically hold at least 256 megabytes of data. The storage capacity will change depending on model of the USB flash drive. It is rewritable and preserves information without power supply in protected way, compatible on both Windows and Mac platforms.

There are many ways to turn write protection on and off for both thumb drive and the content stored in it. The protection method may vary according to your requirement. There are 3 familiar methods to protect your thumb drive data, which are mentioned below:

Method 1: Writer protection switch

Some Thumb drives have a “write-protection switch” on the side or bottom. This option is useful for keeping the content of Thumb drive safe from malware when connected to any public computer. Just by moving the switch to “Lock’ position thumb drive will automatically set to read-only mode.

Method 2: Setting security permissions to pen drive

If the above mentioned “write protection switch” is not available in Thumb drive, then follow below settings to protect data on it.

Open Windows Explorer -> find the drive letter which is associated with Thumb drive -> right click on it -> go to “Properties” ->click on Security tab -> Under group or user names select Everyone ->click on Edit button. Check the boxes against Write, Control, Modify and Full to make thumb drive read-only.

Method 3: Protecting individual files in Thumb drive

To protect files individually, enable write protection option on selected files.

Even after having these data protection options with thumb drive, users may feel unhappy while using it on Mac computer due to various data loss situation. It will become most challengeable situation for a user, if he/she has lost most needed and protected data stored in USB flash drive. Data like images, videos, documents, etc. from a flash drive can be lost or erased accidentally or intentionally when no backup is around.

In case, you are a Mac user and have lost data from thumb drive, then you may think how to get back erased or missing data? No need to worry about it!! By using efficient data recovery software you can retrieve files from thumb drive.

Software to recover data from thumb drive on Mac:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best application to recover any kind of files from thumb drive on Mac computer. It can retrieve all type of data such as MS Office files, photos, videos, compressed files, PDFs and also helps to ORF Photo file recovery, CR2 image recovery on Mac system. from pen drive on Mac system. In addition to thumb dive, it can restore data from flash memory cards, iPod, FireWire drive, external hard drive, SSD, MP3 players and other digital storage media compatible on Mac. Apart from this, it can perform mobile phone recovery, digital multimedia device recovery on Mac system. This utility is compatible on all versions of Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Steps to get back flash drive data on Mac:

Step 1: connect thumb drive to your Mac system and select recovery mode

After connecting thumb drive to Mac system download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. After completion of installation run the application. From main window, you can see two recovery options such as ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’. Select any option according to your data loss situation.

Step 2: Scan your Thumb drive for lost or deleted data

In the next screen, from drive list, choose the volume which represents thumb drive. If possible select the file types you wish to recover from it. Next, allow the software to scan thumb drive

Step 3: Save recovered files

Later on, retrieved files will be displayed in two views i.e. ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’. Mark the files which you want to get back and save them in a desired destination location other than source location (same thumb drive)

Tips to prevent data loss from thumb drive!!

  • Use ‘Eject’ option to remove thumb drive from system to avoid data loss from it
  • Check twice before formatting or deleting files from flash drive
  • Don’t connect your USB flash drive to virus infected system
  • Never add new data to thumb drive once you realize that files are unknowingly deleted from it to avoid data overwriting