Recover Files from Formatted Mac

Formatting is the best way to prepare a new storage medium. But, when you accidentally or unintentionally format a storage drive that holds your important files and folders, then you will be in a real problem.

Likewise, formatting the Mac machine either by accident or unintentionally, leaves you in trouble; especially when the backup is not available. If you are lucky enough to avail Time Machine backup after formatting the Mac hard drive, then it’s well and good.

In case, you haven’t enabled Time Machine or don’t possess any manual backup copies of your Mac data, then you will lose your entire files from Mac drive due to formatting action.

Still, don’t worry. In this informative editorial, you will find an ideal way to unformat Mac hard drive and recover formatted files from Mac machine easily.

You may wonder it is possible to unformat Mac or think that it is a difficult task to do; but, it is just easy as you restore files from your Time Machine backup or even simpler than that. And, here one thing you should remember is to stop using your Mac machine the moment you format it. As you continue to use the formatted Mac even after formatting it, then either it affects your lost files or it reduces the chances of data recovery.

Unformat Mac Hard Drive Software:

Mac Picture Recovery is a wonderful software that meets all your demands when you are experiencing data loss problem after formatting your Mac. It would be your best choice to unformat Mac machine and restore lost data such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. from the formatted hard drive on Mac.

Here is the detailed guide that shows how to unformat Mac and recover lost data from formatted Mac drive. Get the free trial version of the software and try it for your Mac hard drive recovery problem!

How to Unformat Mac Hard Drive?

Step 1: Run Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on your Mac machine (not on the formatted volume) and click on Lost Photo Recovery option.

Main Screen

In case, you have formatted the system volume of your Mac then, connect the formatted Mac machine as a secondary (slave) drive to a working Mac and use the software on the master Mac machine.

Step 2: Select the formatted drive/volume from the shown list and click Next button.

Select Volume

Step 3: Select file format if, you wish to recover specific files from the formatted Mac. Use Skip or Mark All option if, you want to recover entire files from formatted Mac.

Select File Type

Step 4: The software starts scanning the selected drive. Finally, it displays all recovered files in a Mac finder styled interface.

View Recovered Files from iPod

Step 5: Preview recovered files from formatted Mac for the verification and Save them to your desired location (but, not on the same formatted volume/drive/).

Save Files

Have you learned how to recover files from formatted Mac? Well, now it's your turn. Use this powerful software and unformat Mac hard drive to restore your lost data.

Important Note:

  • Enable Time Machine to create regular backups of your Mac data
  • Read the complete note that emerges on your computer screen before you click on the Yes button. A single click may cause huge upshot on your data

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