Retrieve Formatted CF Card Video Files

“My camcorder had recorded many memorable events and these recorded videos were saved in CF card mounted on camcorder. Today I connected this CF card to MacBook to copy set of recent video files for editing. Before opening CF card I wanted to change its name. While trying to rename this CF card I accidentally typed symbols into the name field and it didn’t accept; in turn blocked complete access to the card data. I didn’t know what to do as this card had become unreadable and formatted it to bring back the card to its normal working state. Now, how to recover videos from formatted CF card? Can anybody help me out?”

CF – Compact Flash card is one of the most used memory cards on gadgets like digital camera, handycam, video recorder, etc. that record robust video footage. Video files saved on CF card can then be moved to computers like Mac for further editing or sharing. But sometimes after connecting CF card to Macintosh system one may mistakenly or intentionally format this card and lose all precious video files from it. Apart from user mistake, there are few instances that make formatting CF card a mandatory process, such as:

  • Incorrect handling of CF card like forceful removal during video recording, using newly purchased CF card to save videos without formatting it for the first time or using it on incompatible gadgets may trigger card not formatted error on course of time
  • Recording videos on digital gadgets with low battery and continuous recording when there isn’t sufficient memory on CF card to save new videos are likely to damage the card, making it unreadable
  • Software conflicts like corrupt firmware in digital camera and usage of same CF card on different platforms may sometimes corrupt the memory card and trigger unknown error message

These factors may force users to format CF memory card on Mac in which all valuable video clippings are saved. If you have faced one such scenario and lost videos by formatting CF card then here is an excellent way to retrieve deleted video files back.

Formatted CF card video recovery tool:

To restore videos from formatted CF card on Macintosh machine, data recovery professionals suggest Yodot Mac Photo Recovery as appropriate software. Engineered with advanced restoration modules, this tool brilliantly retrieves various video file types from formatted CF card with utmost ease. It can extract videos of AVI, MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, 3GP, M4V, 3G2 and other movie formats that are either deleted or lost from CF card. In addition, it supports recovery of deleted videos from SD card, SDHC, micro SD, mini SD, MMC, xD, XQD, SM, memory stick and other flash memory cards with ease. Its read-only modules can even get back pictures, audios, text files, archives, folders and other document file types along with video files safely. It can successfully restore files from Mac hard drive, external hard drive, SSD, USB pen drive, FireWire drive and other digital storage media that have FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+ file systems. This tool is compatible to run on Macintosh Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X computers.

Steps to get back formatted videos from CF card on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on your Macintosh computer
  • Connect formatted CF card to this Mac computer using proper card reader
  • Install and run the software according to given instructions
  • In main screen click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ option to retrieve videos from formatted CF card
  • Proceeding next choose the drive that represents CF card externally connected to Mac
  • Also, choose video file types to recover or skip this step by clicking on ‘Mark All’ / Skip button
  • Moving further, software scans formatted CF card to bring back all video files from it
  • When scanning ends, retrieved files will be displayed in two view types – ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type view’
  • Have a glance at restored videos and at last save it to new destination location apart from same CF card

Points to Remember:

  • Do not format CF card unintentionally until it is necessary
  • Frequently backup videos from CF memory card in Mac computer to avoid data disasters

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