How to Get Videos from SD Card on Mac?

SD card is the most popular external storage device that is available around the world. It’s mainly supported in different types of cameras and camcorders for storing the videos that are recorded using these devices. With the help of these SD cards you can easily store large size video files without worrying about the storage space.

Storing and processing data in SD is easy and the user can transfer the video files from SD card to other system or to other storage media. But while moving video files, if any interruption occurs, then the video files transmission process get dismissed and you might lose video clips that were getting transferred. Therefore, it would be better if you have kept all the required video files in some external hard drive as a backup so that you can restore them easily if they are lost or deleted.

It’s unlikely your bad luck that the video files saved in the SD card gets deleted or lost in unexpected scenarios. You tried searching for your favorite video files, but were unable to find them. What to do now? How the lost video files can be recovered? Is there any way by which you can get them without corrupting those valuable memories. Just relax! There is no need to get upset. All the video files on the SD card can be restored to the Mac system with the help of advanced SD card recovery tool.

Video loss from SD occurs as a result of:

  • Abrupt removal of SD card when it is connected to the Mac system for carrying out read or writes process
  • Sometimes, SD card gets infected with virus which corrupts its file system and hence makes it inaccessible to the user leading to loss of video files
  • Sudden system shutdown when the user is viewing video files from SD card connected to the computer can lead to loss information that was being processed
  • Using the SD card on different computers and on other devices can make it corrupt and hence resulting in data loss along with video files

Best Video Recovery Program:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application is the most effective tool that can get back video files lost or deleted from SD memory card on Mac OS X system. This software is designed with powerful scanning algorithms and simple user interface that lets users to restore video files without facing any difficulties. This SD card recovery tool not only retrieves video files from SD card, but also supports rescuing audio files, photos and other digital information from any storage media without causing any damage to the original file contents on Macintosh machine running with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) operating systems.

Follow these simple guide lines to restore video files from SD card:

  • Connect the SD to the Macintosh computer after the completion of installation process
  • Download and install the application in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Launch the tool from desktop, with the help of shortcut icon
  • Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery options are provided on the main screen of the software
  • Select the desired option that has lead to the deletion or loss of videos from SD card that is connected to Mac operating system
  • Now in the next screen you will be provided with the list of drives from the system
  • Click on the drive that represents SD card and then proceed to Next Window
  • In the next screen select the different video file signatures that will be displayed to you and now clicking on the next button will begin the scanning process
  • As soon as the scanning process gets completed the video files that were lost or deleted are listed in a particular order
  • The user is provided with the option to preview the video content prior to saving them on the destination location respectively

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Save the recovered video files in a separate external hard drive
  • Install good antivirus application to scan SD card and prevent it from virus infection
  • Never eject the SD card abruptly when the transfer process is being carried out

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