How to Recover Files When iPod Stops Working?

“My iPod stopped working all of a sudden when I was transferring few files by connecting it on Mac system. I tried to restart it many times but it won’t turn on and I see only a black screen. I wonder why my iPod stopped working suddenly for no reason. I had stored various photos, videos and songs on my iPod and now all data is lost. Can anyone suggest me how to recover iPod data when it stops working?

iPods are the most popular gadgets to store and access all types of media files in present day digital era. It is an iOS based Apple device that is capable of capturing pictures, recording videos as well as storing audio files. And users replaced various types of MP3 music players with iPods since it is more attractive and efficient way to store and listen favorite music tracks. However, there are many factors that affect the performance of iPod and cause data loss from it. So, let us go through the in depth reasons about causes responsible for loss of data from iPod.

Facts that could stop working of iPod are as listed below:

  • Transfer of virus infected or corrupt files on to iPod may corrupt other files already present on it. This might damage file system of iPod, which can stop working at any instant of time
  • System shut down suddenly due to power failure while iPod is synced with iTunes on any Mac computer can stop working of iPod
  • iTunes DB corruption, software updates, iTunes update, computer crash while accessing iPod data, iPod showing sad smiley are other causes that might prevent iPod from working all of a sudden
  • iPod may also stop working when new files are being added to iPod memory which is completely filled with many old files or after you rest or restore iPod to factory settings

When iPod stopped working due to any of the above causes, you will lose all files saved on it. Other than these, data on iPod can also be lost due to unintentional deletion, accidental formatting, restoring to factory settings and interruptions during data transfer, etc. when it is connected on Mac system. In such circumstances, you sit idle and think how can I recover data from iPod that is not working?

What to Do When your iPod Stops Working?

Answer is very simple, try to reset your iPod. Many times, resetting the iPod that has stopped working will solve the problem and makes the iPod to work again.  To reset your iPod, press and hold Menu and center button simultaneously for 5 to 6 seconds. iPod will reset and starts to work. But, after resetting your iPod, if you notice that you have lost files from it or if resetting the iPod did not solve your issue, then make use of third party iPod recovery tool to get back lost iPod data.

Which is the best software to recover data from iPod that stopped to respond?
iPod file restoration tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the ultimate solution to rescue data from iPod that has stopped working for any reason. Even though the name suggests photo recovery, this tool can restore various file types including video files (movies and recorded video clips), audio files (songs and recorded audio tracks), pictures, podcasts and various documents from iPod on Mac OS X. It can retrieve lost or erased data from iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle as well as from other storage media like multimedia players, memory cards, USB drive, etc. You can use this application to resolve lost iPod data on Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard and MAC OS X Lion versions of operating systems.

Follow these steps to recover data when iPod stops working:

  • Connect your non working iPod to a healthy Mac system and proceed with the below steps
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on that Mac system
  • Continue with ongoing instructions to install and run the utility
  • In the main screen, click on the option, “Lost Photo Recovery” to continue the process
  • Next screen displays all logical and external volumes present on the Mac system
  • Select the volume that represents iPod that is connected on system
  • Specify the file types if required or by default it scans for all file types
  • By clicking next, the recovery process starts and its progress will be shown in progress bar
  • In the next screen, all recoverable files from iPod will be displayed
  • Target a destination location to save those files and hit save button

Things to Remember

  • Maintain multiple backup of crucial files regularly
  • Avoid abrupt removal of iPod when it is connected on Mac system for read / write process
  • Update antivirus software to avoid harmful virus infecting the iPod

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