Photo Recovery from XD card on Mac

Photos play an important role in one’s life. It say many things and at the same time help us to memorize a moment that will never happen again. To store these photos people use different types of storage devices. xD card is one of them. xD Card is a type of flash memory card used mainly in digital cameras. The "xD" is a short form of "Extreme Digital". Compared with other memory cards it has a more compact size i.e. 20 mm × 25 mm × 1.7 mm. Being compact and durable, they are the ultimate choice of users looking for reusable and removable storage media. Like other memory cards, it has various capacities from 16 MB to 8 GB. xD Card has four types i.e. Normal, M, M+, and H.

However, since XD-Picture Card is of high cost and only used in digital cameras, it has been gradually replaced by SD card which is relatively cheap. Still, you can see xD card in many old digital cameras and it is mainly used to store photos and its capacity reaches 2GB at most. Similar to other memory cards, XD Card also brings many troubles and photo loss in XD Card is annoying to many users.

Situation that leads to loss of files from xD card are

  • Error Messages: When the xD card is connected to your Mac machine, you can see an error message such as "The card is not initialized", "Invalid portable device", "The card not formatted, do you want to format it now?" etc which disable memory card accessibility. You have no choice but format it without too much caring about the data present in it
  • Virus Attacks: As a portable device, XD card is often used in different devices, so it is likely to affect by the virus which in turn results in photo loss
  • Inadvertent Deletion: While deleting some of the unwanted files from xD card when connected to Mac machine, you might inadvertently delete valuable photos along with it. As, deleting files from an external media does not transfer the deleted items into the Trash, this results in loss of data from xD card
  • Wrong Usage: If you improperly remove xD card from the card reader during the file transfer, i.e. from xD card to your Mac machine, then there are possibilities of losing data from the xD card
  • Accidental Formatting: In cameras you can see an option called “Format”. By chance if you click on Format option while searching for something else, then complete data present on your card will get erased

Why xD card data can be recovered?

No matter whether you have deleted or lost the data from xD card on your digital camera or Mac machine, the pictures, videos, audio files and other documents are not gone forever. When the files get deleted from xD card, it doesn't get erased permanently. What happens is that the space occupied by these deleted files on xD card is now freed up, and it would be recorded as reusable space. But it is possible to retrieve files as long as the free space on xD card is not overwritten by new files. So keep in mind, the less actions you do with the xD card, higher the recovery chances are.

Suggested software

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is a software which is entirely developed with the latest techniques that helps you to restore files from any type of data loss on xD Cards in just few minutes. This software recovers photos, music, video, and multimedia files from not only xD cards but almost all digital memory card after instances like deletion, corruption, formatting. So, stop being worried about any data loss condition as this application is with you to help. Download the demo version to check it out if it works. Later on you can buy the full version.

Procedure to be followed in order to restore media files from xD card

  • Connect the xD card to the computer. Wait for the computer to recognize the card
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on your Mac machine. Make sure the installation process is complete before continuing the recovery process
  • Once you run the software, main window will be displayed with two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select the option as per the requirement. After selection, the software displays the drives that are present in your system. Choose the drive from where you want to recover the data
  • The application now starts scanning the xD card and displays the files that are present in the drive you have selected.
  • Choose the files that you need to recover
  • Click on a particular file to preview in the upper right pane
  • At last, save the recovered files in preferred location (Not the same drive)

Points to Remember

  • Always maintain a backup of the important files or photos. One copy on your main hard drive and one copy somewhere else like USB drive. If one copy gets accidentally deleted or erased, another still exists and with the help of it you can easily restore the files
  • If a deleted photo gets overwritten i.e. if another file is saved in the same space on the XD card, then the file may not be recoverable
  • Always use “Safely remove hardware” option while ejecting the external storage device
  • Do not use camera when the battery is running out of the power

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