How to Fix MOV File after QuickTime 2048 Error?

MOV is a proprietor compression algorithm developed by Apple Computer that can be played on both Windows and Mac computer through QuickTime player. It is extensively used these days in digital media devices. MOV files are also referred as QuickTime MOV files and are easy to play. One of the advantages of MOV is that the video files are editable and you do not need to rewrite the whole codec’s of videos files.

Quick Time Error 2048-

Sometimes when you try to play your MOV video file using the latest QuickTime you may encounter an error message. The message says something like “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.”

Reasons for QuickTime Error 2048-

Reason 1: QuickTime Error 2048 usually displayed when MOV file gets damaged. The reasons behind corrupt MOV files because of which you may encounter “QuickTime error 2048 couldn't open the file” are as follows:

  • MOV file header corruption: The header of a MOV file consists of important information like date, creation of the file, last modification of the file size, etc. If the header of the MOV file is corrupted then you may get the error message. The header of the MOV file might get corrupted due to the sudden turn off of your system while the MOV file is in playing mode or due improper downloading of the MOV file from the internet
  • Corruption due to digital video camcorder firmware: While recording videos with a digital camcorder with faulty firmware, you might get a output as broken MOV file. This type of files are unable to open or play in any video player
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is counted as one of main reasons behind corruption of MOV files as it destroys/alters the vital components and structure of MOV files
  • Incorrectly compressing of MOV files: If you use wrong compressing techniques to reduce large MOV files using low quality third party application tool, then also MOV files may get corrupted during the compacting process
  • Improper removal of storage devices: If you pull out any storage device all of a sudden containing MOV file without following any safety measures at the time of transferring files, then the files might get corrupted

Reason 2: It may also happen due to malfunction in QuickTime player.

Solution to Fix QuickTime Error 2048: -

Fix 1: If it is due to QuickTime media player malfunction

You need to reinstall the latest version of QuickTime multimedia player on your Mac and Windows computer. After installation, you can try playing the MOV videos.

Fix 2: If it is because of MOV file corruption

In case, the same error appears then definitely the video file is corrupted. So in order to fix MOV file error 2048, you have to repair it by making use of any good repair software such as Yodot MOV Repair.

Yodot MOV Repair Tool- Best Software for Fixing QuickTime Error 2048

Yodot MOV Repair software facilitates fast and easy repair of MOV files, fixing issues with every component of your QuickTime movie including frame, sound, video, etc and rebuilds the damaged or corrupted multimedia file. With the help of this software, you can also resolve MOV header corruption and video frame corruption. The application enables you to preview your corrupt MOV files in the main interface before you save the repaired MOV file. Most importanly this software is now applicable for both Windows and Mac OS.

Step by Step Guide to Perform the Process of Repairing MOV Files: -

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair Software to your Mac machine or Windows computer
  • Install the software and follow the procedures that you can see on it
  • First of all select the MOV file that you need to repair
  • Click on the “Repair” button to initialize the repair process
  • Now you can see ongoing repair process
  • After completing of the repair process, the software displays the repaired MOV file description
  • In order to preview the MOV file just click on “Preview repaired file” option
  • Finally save repaired file by making use of “Save repaired file” option to save your repaired file to the desired location

Points to keep in mind

  • Do not remove storage device from your Mac machine and Windows computer while the transfer process is going on
  • Make use of any good antivirus software to eliminate virus
  • It is good to take the backup of important MOV files

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