Repair MOV File after Recovery Tool Error

MOV is a video file format created by Apple, which is mainly developed for Quick Time player as its default file format. Nowadays this video file format is also used by many digital cameras and camcorders. These files are used for sharing, storing, and recording multimedia content over the Internet. The main benefit of MOV files is that they can store multiple audio and video tracks independent of each other. Moreover, these MOV files can be easily edited; as they contain data references for the media data. Although hard disks / digital cameras saves this MOV files safely but in many situation these files gets deleted or corrupted in many ways.

Consider a scenario, wherein you were shooting a video with your Contour HD video camera which stores the videos in MOV format and suddenly it stops working. When you connect it to your Macintosh machine, to your surprise all the video which were captured were gone and somehow you managed to recover these video files using a recovery software. But when you tried to play the file in Quick time player it displayed an error message saying “Error -2048: Couldn't open the file”. At this situation you need MOV repair software to overcome such problems.

Another situation: Assume that you had a huge collection of movies of MOV file format on your Mac Volume and you accidentally deleted a movie file. Which you recovered using a recovery software, but the recovered file is retrieved incomplete as the file was fragmented in the file system. Such files again would not open and will be in corrupt state. Hence, you need to repair such MOV files before using them.

Let’s see some of the other common scenarios that lead to corruption of MOV file

There are several reasons due to which MOV files gets corrupted, deleted or becomes inaccessible. Some of the possible and main causes are written below:

  • Files system corruption to the Volume containing MOV files may also lead to MOV file corruption
  • The MOV video files may get corrupted due to operating system crash
  • Hardware failure during startup causes system crash which in turn causes MOV file corruption
  • Improper system shutdown during MOV file in use is also responsible for MOV file corruption
  • Power failure while moving MOV files from one Volume to other Volume will also result in MOV file corruption

How to repair MOV file corruption caused due to improper recovery?

Yodot MOV Repair is a software which repairs corrupted / damaged MOV video file after recovery error. This tool supports repair of MOV files which were recorded by any kind of digital camcorders including Casio, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Panasonic, Contour GoPro Fujifilm, Samsung, Sanyo XACTI and much more. This software not only helps in repairing MOV file format but also helps in repairing MP4 and M4V video file format.

Directions to follow

  • Download and install the software first
  • Double click the icon to start the software application
  • Follow the on screen commands that are appearing
  • Browse to select the damaged QuickTime video / MOV file
  • Hit the “Repair” button to initiate the scan / repair process
  • As the repair procedure ends, preview the MOV / MP4 / M4V file with help of “Preview” option
  • Now save the repaired video file to the preferred location


  • You should definitely backup your important data, so that in the event of data loss, you won't be at a total loss
  • Keep your hard drive data in defragmented form to avoid these kind of situations
  • Avoid any type of interruption in-between video file transmission