How to Repair Broken MOV File

MOV is the most popularly used video file format in multimedia gadgets like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Smartphone’s etc. The main benefit of MOV file is that they can store multiple audio and video tracks independent of each other. Furthermore, in order to edit these files you don’t need to rewrite the data after editing. But sometimes you may encounter situations when certain MOV files start to behave unusually and refuse to play on digital media player and instead display an error message like “This MOV file seems like broken, attempt to repair?” After this error message it does not play and even if it plays, you may get disappointed by its abnormal behavior, where you may get to see only a picture but not sound or sound but not picture or picture freezes and the sound will continue or picture gets struck and so on. This behavior of the MOV file shows that it is broken and in order to play it properly, you need to repair it by utilizing any good video repair software.

Reasons for MOV File corruption

  • Header Corruption: Header is a location in MOV file, which stores the first origin of the block for the file on hard disk. Header files have specification of the file like file size, last modification time, file creation date and etc. So if any information from these header files is missing, then those MOV file cannot be recognized by any media player and in turn can’t play that video file
  • External Threats: When a MOV file gets infected by harmful external threats like virus/malware/spyware, it can damage the structure of MOV file. For an instance, structure of MOV video file will be broken if its internal file components like codec’s or header gets altered by these viruses. These threats can harm your MOV file badly leaving it in incomplete state
  • Damage of MOV file Header: Trying to open a MOV file on any media player that is not appropriate for running MOV file, can corrupt the MOV file by damaging its header component. Due to header corruption, the immunity of the MOV file structure gets weak and in severe cases it becomes inaccessible
  • Error While Downloading: The MOV video file might get broken while it is getting downloaded from internet. This happens when you experience interruptions like power failures, sudden system shutdown, loss of network connection, etc during the download process
  • Broken MOV files after improper recovery: Recovering deleted or lost MOV video files using unreliable file recovery software might damage the MOV file structure during the recovery process

Description of the software

Yodot MOV Repair is one of the effective MOV video file repair software that can fix errors in MOV files irrespective of the cause for corruption. In addition to MOV, it can fix broken MP4 video which refuse to play on QuickTime or any other media players. The best quality of this software is that it can repair corrupted or damaged MOV file of any size. This software also supports all latest brands of cameras such as Panasonic, Olympus, Contour, etc. It has been designed specifically for Mac operating system therefore it works well with all the advanced versions of Mac Operating System such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit) latest Mountain Lion and also Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.

Steps to repair broken MOV Files

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair software and install it to your Mac and Windows Computer
  • Now run the software in order to start the repair process
  • As you run the software, you will find a window that asks you to select the broken MOV file
  • Browse the broken MOV file and click on “Repair”
  • Now you can see the scanning process over the screen
  • Once it gets completed, you can view the repaired MOV files with the help of a “Preview” option
  • Finally save the repaired MOV file to the desired location


  • Backup important MOV files so that if you get any problem while opening MOV file, you can easily restore it from the backup
  • Keep your hard drive data in defragmented form to avoid any kind of error
  • Use a good antivirus software to scan and remove harmful threats from your system
  • Never use a camcorder having faulty firmware for recording videos
  • Use an UPS in your Mac and Windows computer to avoid MOV file damage due to shut down after power failure