How to Fix Cannot Read Error in MOV?

“I have converted AVI file to MOV file format using conversion tool and deleted original video file which was in AVI format. Now when I try to play MOV file in media player, I got error message saying cannot read .MOV file. I have no idea what is wrong with MOV file, but I would appreciate if anyone helps me to make MOV file readable and playable on media player”

DDo you have MOV file which fails to read on media player and displays error message? In case your answer is positive, then this page is specially created for you. Reason for above issue could be use of unreliable converter tool to convert AVI to MOV file format or incorrect conversion due to interruptions. MOV file can show ‘cannot read MOV file’ error warning due to any of the following reasons:

  • Power Failure during video file conversion, playing it on media player or transferring MOV could make it unplayable
  • Saving MOV file to computer that has too many bad sectors or logically failed can corrupt MOV video, which shows cannot read MOV file error
  • Copied MOV file from digital camera or camcorder may fail to read in your computer in case it is recorded on a low battery
  • Media player installed on computer cannot read MOV file if it is corrupted with harmful virus or malware threats
  • Editing MOV file using non reliable application may damage its internal structure would damage MOV file, which  displays cannot read MOV file while trying to play it

Many times users delete video file assuming that it is waste to keep it on their computer after media player cannot read MOV file. Although MOV file is not playing and showing cannot read MOV file error message, you can fix and play MOV video using apt MOV Repair software

MOV file error fixing tool:

Yodot MOV Repair is proficient software to resolve error cannot read .MOV file on your Windows and Mac computer. It is designed in such a way that you are able to repair MOV file without altering original MOV file structure or any other files saved on computer where you installed this MOV file repair tool. Along with MOV, you can simultaneously browse and repair M4V and MP4 file damaged or not playing on any media player. You can preview repaired MOV file and its description which includes video file size, duration, audio codec, video codec as well as tracks of repaired MOV file in detail. In addition to this, one can even fix MOV file on SD card Canon, Sony, JVC, GoPro, Panasonic Lumix and other came and camcorder models by using this outstanding video file repair tool.

Procedure to repair unreadable MOV file

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair software and install it to your Windows or Mac computer
  • Once you have completely installed the application, run it to fix unreadable MOV file cannot read error
  • Main screen asks you to select for corrupted MOV file
  • If you are a Windows user, then you should select healthy MOV file recorded from same digital device for reference
  • Hit on “Repair” option to begin video file repair process and wait till the scanning process gets completed
  • A window will display showing successful message about MOV file repair process
  • Preview repaired MOV file to check whether it is fully repaired or not
  • Finally save repaired MOV file to location you desire on your computer or to any removable storage drive

Protective Tips:

  • Always use reliable software for converting or editing MOV file
  • Never attempt to shoot MOV video when camera or camcorder is running out of power