Resolve Unplayable MP4 Video File

“Hi all, I am in a big trouble. Please help me to come out of this terrible situation. I recorded a video of MP4 file format on my digital camcorder. While recording it, the camcorder just fall-off my hand. However, it continued to record normally. But after the completion of recording I tried to play the video and it is not playing. I tried to play this file on system too, sadly it didn’t work. How can I fix unplayable MP4 file now? Can anyone please suggest me a proper method to resolve this issue?”

MP4 is a popular video container format that consists of 2 streams for audio and video that are synchronized together to form a wonderful movie. Unfortunately, even this video file format is prone to corruption due to various reasons after which the file becomes unplayable. Before knowing about the best solution, it is important to learn about numerous scenarios wherein MP4 file turns unplayable; so you can avoid such situations in future.

Circumstances that make MP4 video files unplayable on media players:

  • Errors while recording MP4 video on gadgets like digital cameras, camcorders, video recorders, etc. like turning off the gadget, insufficient power supply and removal of external storage media from gadgets
  • Interruptions while downloading / transferring MP4 files such as loss of network connectivity, switching off the system accidentally, power surge, etc
  • Severe virus intrusion to the storage device on which MP4 videos are saved by connecting it to virus infected computers or gadgets
  • Insufficient memory space on storage device like SD card on gadgets while recording the video
  • Other factors like header corruption, CRC error, frequently converting the video file to other formats and presence of bad spots on storage media where MP4 file is saved will all make the video not to play

If these scenarios are avoided then corruption of MP4 file can be minimized. Nevertheless, to fix unplayable MP4 file there are various third party applications that carefully repairs all the irregularities and makes it playable again. But, one should be wise and think smart while choosing appropriate video file repair tool, because use of unreliable application can further damage the MP4 file and make the situation worse. Most of the professionals suggest using Yodot MOV Repair tool to mend MP4 file that won’t play.

Why Yodot MOV Repair tool is the most suggested software?

Yodot MOV Repair tool is excellent in fixing all issues related to MP4 as well as MOV and M4V video files that are corrupt due to vast reasons. This software is build by industry experts that extract audio and video streams of unplayable MP4 file to fix all the issues and then successfully combines it to form a playable MP4 video file. Also, the application is pre tested for presence of harmful viruses and found free. It can even repair truncated, broken as well as out of sync MP4 video files that partially play or completely refuse to play. The MP4 repair software provides two versions of demo sort for both Windows and Mac platforms, so that users can download required version. Windows version can be used on systems with Microsoft Windows OS versions like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008. Mac version of the tool supports to work on Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X versions.

Steps to be followed to mend unplayable MP4 video on Mac OS X:

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair tool on to any Mac machine
  • If MP4 file is on any external storage device then connect that device to this Mac computer
  • Run the installed software and follow onscreen procedure
  • Now, in the main screen, click on browse button to choose unplayable MP4 file
  • After selecting required video file, hit repair button
  • Software starts to scan the file for irregularities and completes repair process within few seconds
  • Later, examine the fixed MP4 file and its description by clicking on Preview button
  • Then, specify desired target location on system drive or on any external storage device and save the file

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not record videos while gadget is running out of battery
  • Avoid interruptions while moving MP4 videos from system to other storage devices or vice-versa
  • Make use of efficient antivirus program to get rid of harmful viruses

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