How to Mend Bad MP4 files?

MP4 is one of the most popular file formats supported by almost all kinds of media players used in different camcorders, Smartphones, Tablets, laptops and other digital media devices. Although, it is a commonly preferred video file format that obviously offers high quality of video/audio; in some cases, you may find your favorite MP4 video files in bad condition. When MP4 file is bad, you will not be able to play them on your device or PC even after using different media players.

Just, take a note at following listed factors which can result in bad MP4 files:

  • Header corruption is a frequently occurred problem that often renders MP4 files unplayable. Modifying header may also leave MP4 files in bad or corrupt state
  • When MP4 files are not playing with particular media player, users may try to convert MP4 file format to required video file format. Any mistake during video file conversion process could lead turn healthy MP4 file into bad video
  • You may get bad MP4 files if they are recorded with faulty camcorder. Many users do not update their camcorder even after encountering different firmware issues or device errors which eventually result upon bad MP4 file
  • Low battery power, sudden ejection of the memory card from camera or other devices, interruption in between transfer or download process etc. are commonly practiced scenarios among users that may cause bad MP4 videos

Solution to fix bad MP4 files!

The best solution to the above problem is using a professional MP4 file repair utility. Yodot MOV Repair is a very popular application being utilized by many Windows and Mac OS X users to fix corrupted, inaccessible or bad MP4 files. This software has inbuilt scanning mechanism to automate the process of repairing bad MP4, M4V and MOV video files that are not playing or showing errors. With the help of this program, users can fix MP4 file unsupported file type error, end of file error, cannot open MP4 file error, MP4 file cannot be read error and other errors which can make your MP4 videos unplayable. It facilitates repairing of bad MP4 videos that are recorded by Cell phones, iPhones, digital cameras, GoPro cameras, multimedia players, MP6 players, camcorders etc. This software has very simple user interface to empower users to achieve effective and quick fixing of bad MP4 video files.

Steps to repair bad MP4 videos:

  • Download Yodot Video Repair application to your computer and complete installation procedure
  • Launch the software to explore main screen where you are provided Repair option to fix bad MP4 file
  • First, click on “Browse” tab to select particular bad MP4 video that has to be fixed and click on ‘Repair’ button to begin MP4 file repairing ( If you are Windows user, then you should choose healthy MP4 file for reference)
  • Within a couple of minute, this utility completely fixes bad MP4 file and displays result along with video file description
  • You can preview fixed MP4 video file to confirm successful repairing of bad MP4 file
  • Finally save repaired MP4 file in a safe location on your computer

Preventive Tips!

  • Don’t use unreliable third party utility to convert MP4 file to the required supported file format
  • Backup your important MP4 files to the different storage locations
  • Keep your camcorder memory card and other storage devices virus free by using a good anti-virus app

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