How To Fix Corrupted IPhone Videos On Import

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

"I recorded several videos using my iPhone during my last vacation. Later, I imported them to my Mac. And, I thought to have a look at those video clips via iMovie. But, when I tried to import the videos to iMovie, I observed that iMovie identified all videos except 10 files. I also noticed that those 10 video files don't have thumbnails in the Finder.

Rest of the videos are playing without any issue. So, I tried to open those specific unplayable files in QuickTime and got an error that states “QuickTime Player can't open FILENAME.MOV because the movie's file format isn't recognized”.

I have already wiped my iPhone after importing them to Mac, as they all played well on my iPhone. I was not having any clue that my videos will get corrupt and become unplayable like this. So, are those videos lost forever now? Or is there any way to play them again?"

Generally, users face these sorts of issues upon importing videos from one device to another. This kind of corruption could just easily be introduced

1. During the transfer process

2. Have been included in the original file on the iPhone itself before importing

3. Due to presence of bad blocks on Mac HDD

4. As a result of damaged/corrupted MOV file header

5. Because of virus intrusion

And, the probable solution for this problem is to try opening those corrupted MOV video clips in a third-party application like VLC, since you have already tried to play them via QuickTime and failed. If VLC also fails to play those videos, then it’s time to try Yodot MOV Repair.

Tool to Repair MOV File on Mac after Import:

Yodot Video Repair is a focused video repair program, which helps to fix unplayable MOV video files. Whatever might be the cause for issues in your MOV file, the software effortlessly resolves them and gives you a healthy MOV clip. With the aid of this excellent utility, you can easily repair corrupted or damaged MOV files in few mouse clicks. It is assured that no damage is made to your affected file, as this application doesn't work on the original copy of your video. Instead, the tool uses a brilliant repair mechanism to fix the corrupted MOV file- thus, it copies the affected file’s content, extract both its audio and video streams and fixes it. At last, the program saves a new file with your permission. And, the result is transparent i.e. you can play and check the fixed file, if you are satisfied with the outcome then you can save the repaired video. Moreover, the software supports all storage devices as well as editions of Mac and Windows OS. Along with MOV file, you can also resolve the issue in your MP4 and M4V videos.

Guidelines to Repair Corrupted MOV Video on Import:

Point to remember:

  • Always maintain multiple backups of important videos, instead of one
  • Follow a proper method to import video clips from one device to another

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