Repair MOV File on JVC Camcorder

“I was shooting a video on my JVC Camcorder then my nephew took it for further shoot as I had to be a part of the video. After sometime, he returned the Camcorder back to me, but it was off. When I checked, I learned that the device got shutdown due to low battery. I was hoping that nothing had happened to my Camcorder data. But as I turned it on after charging its battery, all files were opening and working fine except the last video shoot. The MOV video is very important to me and I want it back to playable condition. Is there any way to repair JVC Camcorder MOV files?”

JVC is a brand name for number of digital devices and JVC Camcorders are one among them. JVC is well known for manufacturing highly sophisticated audio and video products, which implements superior technologies for high quality sound and image output and hence Camcorders of JVC have high performance, speed and resolution. There are various models of JVC Camcorders with different designs, specifications, built-in Wi-Fi, CMOS sensor and other features. But, no matter which camcorder brand you use, there are few unpleasant events that will irritate and make you anxious. One such problem occurs when MOV files on JVC camcorder get corrupted due to any reason. Some of possible causes for corruption of MOV files on JVC camcorder are listed below:

  • Improper usage like abrupt removal of camcorder from system, device usage when it is low on battery and errors while transferring MOV files between JVC camcorder and system can damage MOV files
  • Power failure when viewing MOV files on JVC Camcorder by connecting it to computer instead of copying MOV file onto computer and watching can cause MOV file corruption
  • Virus infection to MOV file on JVC Camcorder corrupts video file structure, because virus may enter and affect MOV file from any file on computer or via internet

However, you can fix JVC Camcorder MOV files using relevant MOV file repair software. Yodot MOV Repair is one of the best repair programs that can be used on your computers for fixing unplayable JVC camcorder MOV files.

Features of MOV file repair software:

Yodot MOV Repair helps you to fix damaged MOV files in JVC Camcorder on your computer. This utility supports repair of MOV files saved on different JVC Camcorders. In addition to MOV files, you can fix MP4 and M4V videos on variety of storage drives like internal/external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, iPods, etc. using this tool. This application can be used to repair MOV files on computers installed with operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. This MOV repair tool is available for even Mac users in a different version to fix unplayable JVC camcorder MOV files on their Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion systems.

Procedure to repair JVC Camcorder MOV file on Windows OS:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair and install it on your Windows computer
  • Connect JVC Camcorder to the system using data cable or insert memory card of Camcorder into port of computer
  • Run the utility and select sample healthy MOV file as reference for repair process
  • Select corrupt MOV file and click on “Repair” option
  • Software starts repairing MOV file and displays the information of its contents
  • Preview it using “Preview” option on software wizard
  • Click on “Save” button to save the repaired MOV files on desired location on computer drive
  • If you are using Mac version of software on your Mac system, then you do not need to provide sample healthy MOV file

Tips to Remember:

  • Stop using JVC Camcorder to capture videos when battery is low
  • Do not open MOV file from JVC Camcorder drive when it is connected to the computer. First copy MOV file the computer and then open the copied video file

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