How to Fix Kodak EasyShare MOV Files?

Last weekend I filmed my friend’s wedding footage with my Kodak EasyShare digital camera and handed over it to a friend as he asked for recorded video. I was surprised when he claimed about video file corruption; actually recorded footage was not playing on his Mac computer. He was right about video file corruption. When I connected the camera to my system and tried to play MOV video with different players, same problem occurred. Now what should I do to repair Kodak EasyShare MOV files and play them successfully?.

It is quite frustrating scenario when you cannot play recorded video footage of any special moments. Basic reason why Kodak EasyShare camera MOV video is not playing might be due to video file corruption. No doubt EasyShare is among the most popular digital camcorders from Kodak that create video files in .mov format to deliver the best quality and compatibility. But there are some instances where you may encounter that recorded MOV files turn unplayable or show errors due to different reasons, for example:

  • Interruptions while recording video with Kodak EasyShare cameras
  • Corruption to MOV file header due to transfer error or sudden ejection of camera memory card
  • Update error or firmware issues with Kodak EasyShare camera can result in corrupted MOV footage
  • Recorded MOV file may become corrupted or broken if it saved on corrupted memory card in EasyShare camera

Kodak EasyShare MOV video repair tool!

Yodot MOV Repair tool enables you to repair and rebuild bad MOV footages created by Kodak EasyShare series of digital camcorders.This software helps users in fixing corrupted or damaged MOV videos which aren’t playing due to camera firmware issues, editing errors, memory card corruption and other reasons. It has an intuitive user-friendly wizard to ease the repairing of bad MOV and MP4 videos which are recorded by different professional cameras from Kodak, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, Casio etc. You can use this application to fix MOV files on Mac and Windows OS based systems.

Step by Step procedure to repair Kodak EasyShare MOV videos:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair application from the website and install it to your computer
  • Connect your Kodak EasyShare camcorder to that computer via USB cable or take it’s memory card and plug it via card reader
  • Launch the installed software to open the main wizard
  • Here you have to click on ‘Browse’ button to select particular MOV video file from EasyShare camera
  • Click on “Repair” tab to initiate repairing of selected MOV video that is not playing or corrupted on Kodak EasyShare camcorder
  • Repair process can be monitored easily with the help of progress bar being displayed on the window
  • After the file repair operation is completed the software displays the repaired MOV file description
  • The application offers you an option to preview the fixed Kodak EasyShare MOV file before saving
  • Finally click on ‘Save’ button to save that repaired MOV video in your selected storage location in your computer

Useful Tips!

  • Avoid recording and playing MOV files when your EasyShare camera or camcorder’s battery is low
  • Don’t interrupt when you are transferring MOV files by connecting Kodak camcorder to the computer
  • Scan your Kodak EasyShare camera memory card regularly with an effective anti-virus application