How to Fix Corrupt M4V Video Files?

“Usually I won’t care and don’t waste my time to get back inaccessible video files or any type of media files. But, recently due to unknown reason I had lost access to my treasured video files of my child that I recorded on my iPhone, which are in .m4v format. I never come across this kind of situation; normally I take care about my things very well. I don’t have another copy of those M4V files. Please anyone suggest me a way to repair M4V video files”

M4V video file format is developed by Apple Inc. and used in iPhones, iPods, iTunes and other digital gadgets. Sometimes due to unfavorable conditions, M4V video files might get corrupt and put you in panic stricken. If your M4V video file is not responding, then do not worry!!! You can repair such corrupt M4V files using M4V file repair software.

Few of the scenarios which might corrupt M4V videos are:

  • Virus attacks: Usually M4V files get corrupted due to virus / malware / spy ware / Trojan attacks on storage media containing your M4V files. These external threats infects healthy M4V files and makes them unplayable
  • File Conversion Error: For converting M4V video files to any other formats, you should use proper conversion technique. Otherwise, video file gets corrupted if conversion process fails due to interruptions or lack of knowledge
  • Header Corruption: The header of M4V video file can get affected when you try to play M4V file on incompatible media players, corruption of store drive, etc and makes M4V files unreadable
  • Incorrect Termination: Power outages, accidentally turning off the power supply, etc while playing M4V videos would lead to forceful termination of video and can cause M4V file corruption

M4V video files can also get damaged as a consequence of download errors, faulty firmware on the device from which M4V video is captured, etc. In such situation, you can rely on reliable third party video fixing software to fix M4V video file and make it playable on your Mac or Windows computers.

Noteworthy features of Yodot MOV Repair:

Yodot MOV Repair software helps you to repair M4V video files corrupted, damaged or broken for any cause. Along with M4V files, you can fix corrupt MOV and MP4 video files efficiently. The software designed with advanced technique to repair corrupt M4V files in less time. It separates the audio and video frames of M4V video file during the repair process and adjoins them to make it playable again. Windows and Mac users can mend corrupted M4V videos on their computers by using Windows and Mac versions of this tool. The Mac version supports Mac Lion and Snow Leopard Operating Systems. This tool perfectly works on laptops or desktops running on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Try for the demo version of the software to view repair M4V video file and preview its contents before restoring.

Steps to Repair corrupt M4V files on Mac:

  • Download and install the software on your Mac computer
  • On Mac version of the software, the main screen has an option to browse corrupted M4V video file and then click on “Repair” button
  • Monitor the repair procedure by observing at the progress bar
  • After few seconds the software completely repairs the M4V video file and displays the M4V video files along with its description
  • You can also preview the repaired video file by using “Preview repaired file” button
  • At last save your repaired M4V video file by using “Save repaired file” option


  • Keep backup of important M4V file to restore when corrupted
  • Use updated antivirus to avoid M4V file corruption due to virus infections
  • Make use of proper conversion technique for successful file conversion

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