How to Fix MOV File Not Playing on iPhone?

Hi, I recorded 200MB movie with my iPhone that is not playing now; I don’t know what happened to the .mov file; but now it is corrupted and cannot be played on iPhone and even with iMovie on my MacBook. I tried converting .mov file to other file formats and playing with other media players and still at the same stage. Can anyone suggest me a possible method to make this MOV file playable on iPhone?.

The MOV file format is normally associated with Apple and it iOS based devices like your iPhone. While the smartest device i.e. your iPhone holds up MOV as an input format, it takes the video and stream it only if it is having right codecs and also encoded precisely at specific frame rate. Apart from that, you can encounter situation where .mov file cannot be played on iPhone if it has become corrupted or damaged due to any unexpected reason. Basically, you won’t be able to stream MOV file on iPhone when:

  • If the media player in your iPhone is missing specific codecs to play MOV video or if it fails in encoding the input MOV file stream
  • MOV file cannot be played on iPhone due to interruptions like power failure while recoding MOV file or ejecting iPhone from Mac system when transferring or copying video file
  • Errors when syncing MOV file with the QuickTime or while playing or editing on iMovie, may also render .mov file corruption and becomes unplayable on iPhone
  • Also recorded .mov file cannot be played on iPhone because of the firmware issues, file system corruption or due to the bad MOV file header

MOV Repair tool for iPhone!

Yodot MOV Repair,is a comprehensive MOV file repair program that facilitates easy and effective repairing of MOV files that are corrupted and not playing on iPhone or other media device. This software has automated MOV repair features to scan and fix irregularities with audio and video streams in a MOV file and output a healthy video that can be played easily on iPhone5, iPhone4 and other iPhone models etc. Also this application helps you in repairing digital videos recorded by iPhone, iPod, Camera, and digital camcorders. Moreover, you can employ this advanced MOV repair tool to repair digital video file in MOV, MP4 and M4V file formats on all the latest Mac OS X versions including Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Follow these steps and fix your MOV file to play on iPhone:

  • Download the Yodot MOV Repair application to your Mac OS X computer and follow given instructions to install the utility with ease
  • Plug your iPhone to that system and launch the software to go with repairing process
  • From the main screen click on ‘Browse’ button to locate and select the MOV file that is residing on your iPhone
  • Now click on the ‘Repair’ tab to get start with the MOV repair process. You can see the status of MOV repairing process in a Progress bar
  • Within very short time, the software resolves all issues in MOV file and makes it error free. You can view the complete description of fixed MOV video using preview option
  • Now you can save the fixed MOV video file on your computer hard disk


  • Avoid interruptions while recording or editing videos using your iPhone
  • Keep copy of all important MOV videos on other storage drives
  • Don’t install unreliable applications to play and edit MOV file on your iPhone