Repair MOV File Which Plays on Mac But Not on PC

“I have copied few MOV videos of my college function from my friend’s Mac computer to the Windows PC, so that I can store and watch them whenever I want. But when I tried to play those videos, I got an error message that “could not open selected file”. My friend can successfully play it on his Mac computer but I cannot open them on my Windows PC. There was no interruption while copying MOV file from Mac to Windows computer, but still I am getting this error message. Can anyone tell me why it is happening like that and what is the solution to overcome it?”

Many users across the world have come across this type of situation while trying to play MOV file in Windows computer copied from Mac machine. The root cause for this problem could be virus attack. Macintosh is known for their resistance to viruses whereas Windows OS is more prone to be attacked by viruses. In above case, Windows computer might have been infected with viruses which resulted in corrupting MOV file that you have copied from Mac computer. Since every problem has appropriate solution, even your issue can be solved within few minutes with the help of suitable MOV Repair software.

Reasons that leave MOV file unplayable on PC are:

    • Transfer error: MOV file is likely to get corrupted if something goes wrong in the middle while you are transferring it from Mac computer to Windows PC
    • Converting MOV file: Few users attempt to convert MOV file to some other format if the clarity is not that good on Windows computer after copying from Mac. However, if you don’t use reliable converter tool, then MOV file will be corrupted and you cannot play on Windows computer
    • Improper compression: In case you try to copy MOV file using improper compression techniques, then it does not play on your Windows computer and instead display error message that it is corrupted

If the issue is due to viruses, then you can easily eliminate it by scanning whole computer hard drive with Antivirus software. But in case MOV file starts showing corruption indications due to unknown reasons, then utilizing MOV repair software is the best way to resolve it.

MOV file repair tool for PC:

Yodot MOV Repair software serves as the best medium in case you want to fix MOV file which is playing on Mac, but refuse to play on PC. This repair tool has been designed for both Windows and Mac platform separately, so that they can easily fix corrupted MOV file on both the computers. Besides this, you can even use this software to repair corrupted / damaged M4V and MP4 video files on computer hard drives, portable hard drives, memory cards, iPods and others. Although this software has simple user interface, its superior scanning algorithm has the potential to extract the video and audio frames of a MOV file separately during the repair process and joins them to form a healthy and playable MOV file. It facilitates full preview of even large sized MOV file with audio, so that user can make sure that MOV file has been successfully repaired.

Go through the steps detailed below to fix not playing MOV file:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair tool and install the software to a your Windows computer
  • Install the application and follow the onscreen procedures
  • Use “Open” button to browse and select the corrupt MOV file
  • After selection, click on the “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The progress bar display the repair process
  • Allow the repair process to complete, after completion the software shows the description of the MOV video file
  • Preview the repaired MOV file by utilizing “Preview repaired file” button
  • At last save your repaired MOV file to your desired location


  • Do not convert MOV file using unreliable software since it might corrupt it further leaving it in inaccessible state
  • Make sure to scan Windows computer with Antivirus software before copying MOV files from Mac