Fix Unplayable MOV Files on iPhone 5s

“I recently owned an iPhone 5s Smartphone which is a product by Apple Inc. as I was mesmerized for the features provided by this Smartphone. Today I download few MOV videos from internet onto this iPhone. After completing the download process I tried to play those videos on the media player within in the phone but it refused to play. Then I tried to play my old video files present on the phone, but none of them played. Those videos are one among my favorites and I desperately want to watch them. Can anybody help me fix these MOV videos on my iPhone 5s Smartphone?”

iPhone 5s is one of the most recently released and renowned Apple products, which has gained much popularity in short time. This iOS based Apple Smartphone works more than any Smartphone as it includes huge number of features. It is built with HD quality display with very big screen that supports multi-touch operations. It has inbuilt storage memory up to 64 GB, in built apps in App store, has dual cameras that includes Flash, apps like video and audio editing tools and many more advanced technologies designed for its users.

Media player on iPhone supports to play video files of different formats and MOV is the most commonly used video format on most of the Smartphones. However sometimes, MOV files on iPhone 5s refuse to play due to logical errors that render serious problems if the video file has crucial information. Some of the common circumstances wherein MOV files gets corrupt and decline to play on iPhone 5s are given below:

What are the causes for corruption of MOV files on iPhone?

  • Downloading MOV videos from unsecured sites may contain malicious viruses that can corrupt entire video file making it unplayable
  • Interruptions like removal of iPhone abruptly, loss of power supply to system or getting a call when moving MOV video files between iPhone and other storage devices like system drive may result in corruption of MOV files
  • Many times faulty firmware, file system corruption, using unreliable video editing tool to edit the MOV files and other software malfunctioning in the working of iPhone 5s can lead to corruption of MOV files making them unplayable

When MOV file gets corrupt and can’t play on iPhone 5s then do not freak. Just chill because there are many possibilities for repairing MOV files that are broken or corrupt due to above mentioned reasons. Desired to know which might accomplish the task of MOV file repair on iPhone 5s then continue reading.

Finest utility to renovate MOV videos from iPhone 5s:

To resolve and fix MOV files on iPhone, industry experts recommend employing safe and secure MOV repair tool such as Yodot MOV Repair This utility is capable of repairing MOV video files created on Smartphones, Tablets, video recorders and other storage media within few simple mouse clicks. The software can fix damaged MOV files on Mac computers with major Mac OS X versions like Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. Also, the tool is capable of fixing MP4 and M4V video files that are broken or incomplete due to various reasons.

Follow these steps to repair iPhone 5s MOV videos:

  • Download Mac version of Yodot MOV Repair software on to any Mac system
  • Connect your iPhone 5s in which MOV file resides to this Mac system
  • Then install and run the utility by following ongoing procedure
  • Next, browse for the corrupt MOV file on your iPhone 5s and select it using Browse option
  • By clicking on ‘Repair’, the software starts to scan the video file and resolves all issues
  • The status of repair process will be shown in Progress bar
  • Once repair process gets complete, the repaired MOV file description can be previewed using Preview option
  • Later, save the repaired MOV video to required destination location on the system

Precautionary Measures:

  • Do not make use of unreliable video editing tool to edit MOV files on iPhone 5s
  • Use powerful antivirus program to avoid entry of malicious viruses in to iPhone 5s
  • Avoid interruptions while downloading / moving MOV movies from iPhone 5s to other storage devices