How to Fix MOV Files on Mavericks?

“I created few video clips with .mov format on my Mac machine that is running with Mavericks operating system. After editing a MOV video in some video editing tool the file has stopped to play. Whenever I try to play the movie in QuickTime or in any other media player, error pops up saying this is not a valid MOV file. Can anyone suggest me how to repair MOV files on Mavericks that do not play in any multimedia player?”

This kind of scenario may occur to any Mac user, wherein MOV file carrying important information will become unplayable. Mavericks is the best OS upgrade in the series of Macintosh Server operating systems from Apple providing stability, compatibility and security of data in more advanced ways. But, still Mavericks users may encounter problem while playing MOV videos due to vast reasons. Some leading factors for unplayable MOV files on Mavericks are:

  • Incorrect Codec installation on Mavericks OS X Mac computer will stop MOV file from playing
  • Wrong compression of MOV videos on Mavericks to reduce file size may eventually result in corrupting these videos
  • Converting MOV file to other video file format with improper resource will damage the file and makes it unplayable
  • Incorrect updates of media player on Mavericks in which MOV file is tried to play or abrupt termination of media player while playing MOV video can damage video file
  • Malware attacks can also bring upon damage to MOV videos on Mavericks

If a MOV file stop to play in Mavericks computer due to any of these reasons, then it is bit annoying because users save most memorable, favorite or important videos in MOV file format on Mac. However, with the invasion of new technology there is still hope. Latest advancements in file repair have introduced many online video repair programs to fix MOV files that are unplayable on Mac Mavericks. Get to know one such tool in forthcoming section of article.

About MOV file repair software for Mavericks:

Top rated and most trusted tool to fix MOV video on Mavericks is Yodot MOV Repair. This tool has caliber to easily fix issues with damaged movies with .mov file format on Mac with its robust repair strategies. It can mend various errors like MOV file failed to render, MOV file format not recognized, MOV file missing or unavailable codec, MOV file not found and other errors that block MOV file from playing. Apparently, this program can mend corrupted or unplayable MP4 and M4V video files along with MOV movies. This tool is compatible to work on OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and OS X Snow Leopard OS based Mac computers. In addition this software can even fix MOV files on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based PCs and laptops.

Simple steps to mend MOV files on Mavericks:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair tool on your Mac Mavericks computer where corrupt MOV files reside
  • After complete installation, run the tool by logging in as system administrator
  • In next screen, browse for damaged MOV file with the help of ‘Open’ button and select required MOV file
  • Then trigger scanning process by clicking on “Repair” button
  • A Status bar showing progress of scanning process will get displayed in next screen
  • Once scanning completes, you can view the video using ‘Preview repaired file’ option
  • If satisfied with the repair results, save this MOV video in desired location for further usage

Key Points to Note:

  • Avoid using irrelevant video editing tool on Mavericks to edit MOV files
  • Hold multiple copies of important MOV videos on Mavericks to escape video file damage