How to Fix Corrupt MOV Files on iPhone?

iPhones are smart phones manufactured and designed by Apple Inc, which have many advanced specifications compared to other smart phones. For example you can record high clarity video files of MOV format using iPhone. MOV is a very popular video file format used to play videos on Mac computers. This video file format not only plays on Mac platform but also on other platforms like Windows. However sometimes when you try to play your MOV video file on your iPhone, it will not play and displays error messages like “Unable to reach the end of file”, “The format is not supported”, “The movie could not be opened- the file is not a movie file” and etc which indicates that the MOV file is corrupt due to some reasons.

What are the causes for corruption of MOV files on iPhone?

  • iTunes Malfunction: Sometimes when you connect your iPhone to iTunes, the software fails to recognize the device and asks to restore it. But when you restore, some of your MOV files may get damaged
  • Virus Infections: Harmful virus infection on your iPhone device also results in corruption of MOV video files
  • Transfer Errors: Interruption like sudden power failure, sudden system shutdown or switching off your iPhone while transferring your MOV files from iPhone to computer leads to video file corruption
  • MOV Header Corruption: Header is vital part of any file where important information of file attributes like size, name, created date, modified date, etc are stored. so if any damage to this section will result in severe corruption of MOV files
  • Broken Download: MOV files get corrupt when there is any interruption while downloading the MOV file from internet

Once your MOV file is corrupt you won’t be able to access or play video file on your Mac computer, so in order to make the file accessible and playable again you need to fix that MOV file using an appropriate MOV file repair utility.

MOV File Repair Software

Yodot MOV Repair is a well known tool that is specially designed to fix your corrupt, damaged or broken MOV files. The software uses advanced built in algorithm, which easily scans and fix the errors in your damaged MOV file on iPhone, iPod, memory card, USB drive or any other storage media on Mac computer. Other than MOV file, you can use this application to repair other video files like MP4 and M4V. It works effectively on Mac machines that run on all versions of Mac OS X operating systems such as Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Procedure to fix your MOV files on iPhone:

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair to your Mac laptop or desktop
  • Connect the iPhone to Mac computer via data cable
  • Open the installed application and follow the on screen steps
  • Choose the MOV file, which you want to repair
  • “Repair” option helps you start the repair process
  • Repair process can be estimated by viewing the progress bar
  • After completion, the application displays your MOV video file description
  • The software allows you to preview the repaired MOV video file
  • At last, save your repaired MOV file to your desired destination location


  • Scan your Mac computer to keep it free from viruses
  • Regularly backup your important MOV files on more than one storage device
  • Don’t eject your iPhone during copying or file transfer process
  • Use a reliable video player to play your MOV video files