Repair MOV Video File on Windows 7

MOV is the default video file format that is present on your Mac operating systems. These MOV files can be played on Quick Time media player which is the common media player for most of video files which are played in Mac OS. With the advancement in technology these MOV files can be played on Windows operating system as well. Using the available third party applications, you can play MOV video files on Windows PCs and laptops without any difficulty.

Windows 7 is the most preferred operating system because of its high speed and unbeatable features that are included. Users store plenty of videos, photos, music collection and other documents on their Windows 7 hard drive. So as the MOV files are being played on Windows 7, all of sudden they may stop and abruptly exit the application. If this yields the same result on different media players, then it is understood that MOV files are damaged. Now to overcome this problem you need to proper MOV file repair tool to fix corrupted MOV files on Windows 7 system.

It’s better to get to know some of the scenarios that cause MOV file corruption on Windows 7:

  • Header Corruption: Header of MOV file stores all the information of file like its size, last modification time, date of creation and so on. Due to viruses or malware infection, forceful termination and causes can affect header of your MOV file which makes them unplayable on Windows 7
  • Improper Recovery: Using of inefficient recovery applications to recover deleted or lost MOV files can damage to the MOV video file. Hence these recovery products will cause corruption to the file structure of MOV file making them unreadable
  • MOV File Conversion: The user tends to convert the MOV file format to other file formats for making them playable on other media players. So during this process you must be careful not to use any unreliable third party applications which may further corrupt the MOV file rather than converting it

To have your MOV files repaired you must use a good and reliable MOV file repair tool such as Yodot MOV Repair. This tool perfectly repairs MOV videos files without causing any further damage to original MOV files during the repair process.

Best Features of MOV Repair tool

Yodot MOV Repair is the best repair tool which has been highly rated by major software geeks. Easy to use graphical user interface and powerful repair algorithms which are installed in this tool allow users to repair MOV data and then play them on Windows 7 PC. Other than Windows 7, this MOV repair tool supports MOV, Mp4 and M4V video file repair on computers or laptops working Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server operating systems (32bit and 64bit). After the completion of the repair process, you are provided with an option to preview MOV file before it can be saved to the respective location. Try the demo version of this software, so that you can evaluate the results and then purchase the key to activate full version.

Simple procedure to repair MOV file on Windows 7 system are given below:

  • Download and install the application in your Windows 7 system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Launch the tool after the installation process has been completed
  • Now on the main screen you will be provided with Browse and Repair buttons
  • Click on the browse button to select the MOV file which was corrupted
  • Now select a Healthy MOV file
  • After that click on Repair button that will begin the repair process
  • The MOV file will be repaired within seconds
  • Options are provided to preview the contents of the fixed MOV video file
  • You can save it to the specific partition or to other external storage media accessible to host operating system

Useful Tips:

  • Scan your Windows 7 system regularly to keep it free from viruses
  • Use a compatible video player to play the MOV file on Windows 7
  • It’s good to keep a backup of your data in more than one drive so that if the MOV gets it can be easily recovered