Fix MOV File Not Playing on IPod

“Hi, I was trying to play an MOV file on my iPod onto which I had moved few of my favorite videos recently, but .mov file is not getting played on iPod. I do not have any other copy of the video file from which I could play. I need to mend this one and only MOV file. Please suggest a method for repairing MOV file on iPod. Thanks in advance...”

iPods are the devices which are used to save and play music files. It can even store other media files on it along with music. IPods are compact in size and can be carried easily from one place to the other. While using such handy device, mishaps are quite common. Suppose you have come across a situation like above, then you may be worried thinking what may be the cause for unplayable MOV file. The MOV file might not be in a format which iPod supports on it to play. There are many common scenarios in which iPod MOV file gets corrupt and go unplayable. Some are as follows:

  • When MOV file gets infected by viruses via internet or through any infected file then MOV file stops playing
  • MOV file would not have saved in a proper manner if you would have shot MOV video when the battery of your digital devices like cameras and camcorders is low
  • MOV file gets corrupt when transfer process of the file gets interrupted due to sudden system shutdown or loss of connection between drives between which files are being moved
  • If iPod is mishandled then the MOV file in it may get corrupt and you lose access to your important data in it

There are lot of other reasons in which MOV files on iPod will gets corrupted and refuses to play. However, you can fix MOV file that won’t play on iPod or on your PC using Yodot MOV Repair software.

Software to repair unplayable MOV file on iPod:

Using Yodot MOV Repair software, you can fix unplayable MOV file on iPod. It supports repairing MOV file on your Windows computers and there is a separate version of MOV file repair software for Mac systems users. This program is capable of fixing MOV file on different iPod models like iPod Classic and iPod Nano. This application lets you play MOV file unplayable on memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives and internal hard drive of computer. Moreover, this tool can even repair corrupt MP4 video and M4V videos along with MOV files on your computer. Try the demo version of software today for more information.

Steps to repair MOV file that won’t play on iPod:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair software on your PC and install it
  • Connect iPod with unplayable MOV file in it
  • Run the tool and select corrupt .MOV file by browsing its location on iPod connected to computer
  • Then select a healthy MOV file for reference and click on “Repair” option
  • The utility starts repairing MOV file and displays the result
  • View the resulted MOV file by using “Preview” option
  • Save repaired MOV video using “Save” option on a drive of computer other than iPod


  • Keep away your iPod from viruses by scanning it regularly with anti-virus software
  • Always have multiple copy of your MOV files on different devices to restore in case of corruption or loss of .MOV files