How to Repair MP4 Format File?

“As I was testing the efficiency of some online video converter program, I tried to convert a video of mine from RMVB format to MP4 format. The software successfully converted my video file to .mp4 format that too at free of cost. After saving this file, when I tried to play the video, it played for few seconds and a blank screen appeared, again it played for few more seconds and again stopped. I didn’t carry another copy of this video before conversion, so how can I fix this troublesome MP4 format video without losing data?”

MP4 is the basic media file format to save videos on different storage devices. Usually, most of us prefer this video format while downloading movies from online, to save recorded movies from video recorders and so on. However, videos in .mp4 format may get corrupted due to some unexpected and unintentional situations like:

  • Errors while recording or creating MP4 format videos can corrupt the video making it unplayable
  • In the absence of essential codec if you try to play MP4 format videos in media player then it might get damaged
  • Intrusion of malware or spyware to MP4 video formats can cause severe damage to videos
  • Misfire of media player application in which MP4 video file is being tried to play may sometimes lead to inaccessibility of video
  • Unknown compression / conversion applied on any .mp4 format files can completely shut down its accessibility

In several of these instances, MP4 format videos can become unplayable or may show various error messages when tried to open it. Such damaged or corrupted MP4 videos can be fixed by implementing good MP4 repair software.

MP4 video file repair utility:

Yodot MOV Repair is the excellent software to easily fix corrupted MP4 format files on the go. Its damage-free repair modules assures 100% secure on the video content, because a new MP4 video file will be created during scanning process without altering original file. Additionally, it can effortlessly fix MOV files from iPhone, camcorders, video recorders and other digital gadgets. This software can be separately installed on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Windows version of the tool can be installed on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems. On the other hand, Mac users who use Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard OS X can deliberately utilize this software to repair MOV and MP4 videos.

Steps to fix MP4 format videos:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair application on your Windows / Mac computer in which MP4 file is not playing
  • Install the tool and run it to start with scanning process
  • In main page, click on browse button to select your corrupted MP4 file along with a healthy MP4 format file for reference
  • Later, click on Repair to start scanning process that can be viewed through Status Bar
  • After completion of scanning process, play the repaired MP4 video using Preview option
  • Later on, save this fixed MP4 format file to desired location

Be watchful while:

  • Creating MP4 video on any digital gadget
  • Using online applications to convert video files from or to .mp4 format
  • Choosing anti-virus tool for your computer to avoid virus intrusion

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