How to Resolve MP4 Unsupported File Type Error?

“Recently I had created a new MP4 video file using some video editing tool on my system. The video played well on my system, but suddenly it showed me an error stating that file type or extension is unsupported. I tried playing that video file in other multimedia players and faced the same error. Can anyone tell me how to fix MP4 unsupported file type error shown by my video file?”

MP4 videos are the most convenient way of storing video data on computers. A MP4 video has high picture quality, breath-taking HD quality and supports to play on many popular multimedia player applications. To play MP4 container format, the system have to be installed with proper Codec, else the file may show unknown error messages and stop playing. One such error is ‘unsupported file format MP4 error’.

Why does MP4 video file shows unsupported file type error?

While trying to play MP4 videos on computers using various multimedia payers, this error may get triggered due to reasons like:

  • If MP4 video is tried to play using incompatible multimedia player like RealPlayer, etc. it may through error stating that file type is unsupported
  • Certain times, missing or absence of proper Codec on system can make media player to show unsupported file type error when tried to play MP4 video
  • Implementing unknown video editing tools to edit / open MP4 video file may sometimes result to this error
  • One may receive unsupported file type error when MP4 file is made to play on media player if the video bit rate is greater than 15mbs
  • Other causes include severe malware corruption, incorrect conversion from one video format to MP4, incomplete compression technique used to encode MP4 video file and damage to MP4 video

If you incur a situation wherein MP4 video shows unsupported file format or extension error and stops playing in multimedia player, try to play this file in other multimedia players. If file plays fine, then you need not worry much. However, if none of video file players support to play this MP4 video by showing the same error, then you need to think of using good video repair tool to fix this error. One of the best and most recommended utility to fix MP4 unsupported file type error is Yodot MOV Repair software.

MP4 video file error repair software:

Yodot MOV Repair tool is designed with relevant read-only repair modules that safely repairs H264 MP4 video file throwing unsupported file format error on Mac and Windows. This utility can successfully mend MP4, MOV and M4V video files that show different error messages due to corruption or damage on Windows and Mac computers. Its excellent repair algorithms creates a new MP4 video file by extracting the video and audio streams from error showing MP4 file and resolves all errors or irregularities of video file. Thus, repaired MP4 video will be able to play using any multimedia player. This application can be used to repair MOV file that is not playing in QuickTime, VLC, and other Media Players. It also supports to mend videos from external hard drive, system hard drive, pen drive, memory cards and many other storage devices.

If you have lost or accidentally deleted your MP4 files, and recovered then with some third party recovery tool and they are not playing after recovery, then you can effortlessly fix recovered MP4 files with the assistance of Yodot MOV Repair tool.

Follow these steps to get rid of unsupported file type error shown by MP4 video:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair software on a Mac or Windows computer in which MP4 video file is saved
  • Install the software and run it
  • When main screen displays, click on ‘BROWSE’ button to choose erroneous MP4 video file to repair
  • Then click on ‘Repair’ button and wait till the scanning process completes
  • Later, use ‘Preview’ button to view the repaired MP4 video file
  • If the MP4 video file is playing, then save it to new destination location

Note this!!

  • Do not play incompatible MP4 videos in media players, check the supported video file types before playing
  • Always have good backup of essential MP4 videos so as to avoid unexpected file corruption or loss

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