Playing MOV Files on iMac Computer

“Hi everyone, I was playing my family video on iMac. Suddenly I got to move from my place because of an emergency call. I had forgotten to close the MOV file which I was watching and forcefully shutdown iMac. Now, when I am trying to open the same MOV file, it is not being played on video players of my iMac system. Does anyone know what can be done now to get back MOV file to working condition? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you very much.”

Video files are favorite possessions of anyone and if it is personal then lot of memories will be attached with the videos. You may lose MOV file data in situation like above, sometimes. MOV is the file format and media file extension for QuickTime player. This multimedia file container stores audio, video, text and more for specific use of Mac operating system. QuickTime player was developed by Apple to use it as a standard media application for Mac OS X systems. This MOV file is also compatible with Windows operating system. However, compared to other media files MOV files are much prone to damage or corruption. If the MOV video file is corrupt then do not worry, you can repair MOV video and make it playable using the best MOV repair software.

MOV files can get corrupt or damaged due to diverse reasons such as improper or incomplete formatting of memory card or any other storage devices, virus attack, expelling card while it is in use by the camera and any kind of interruption during read or write process, etc. Corruption of MOV file may also happen while recovering accidentally deleted MOV files using unauthenticated recovery tools. Whatever may be the reason for corruption of MOV files, result will be inaccessible of data from MOV files. If you’re facing these kind of problems with your MOV files and not able to play them on iMac computer, then you can use reliable software like Yodot MOV Repair for fixing corrupt MOV files and make them playable on iMac system.

Software to fix MOV files on iMac:

Yodot MOV Repair is the professional video repair tool used by most of the users for making their MOV file playable on iMac machine. This software is extremely efficient in repairing all MOV files that are corrupted because of file transfer error, firmware error, etc. on any iMac computer. This application repairs corrupted MOV files that are damaged on various mobile phones, camcorders, DSLR cameras, etc. on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion systems. This tool extracts audio and video data from corrupted MOV file separately and generates a new healthy MOV file without affecting original MOV file. This utility easily fixes MOV, MP4 and M4V video files that are not playing on Apple Quick Time player or other media player on iMac machine.

Procedure for playing MOV files on iMac:

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair on your iMac machine
  • Run the software and follow the instructions displayed on screen
  • In main screen, click on “Open” option to browse or select .mov file that is to be repaired
  • After selecting path to save repaired MOV file, click on “Repair” button
  • Then the application starts repair process, which is displayed on processing bar
  • Once the program finishes with the repair process, it will allow you to play your repaired MOV files
  • You can save your repaired MOV files on selected volume of iMac system

Useful Tips:

  • Keep an additional copy of your essential MOV files on other reliable storage device
  • Regularly update your security application in order to protect your MOV files from virus attack
  • Don’t use untrusted third party utility for converting MOV file to other system supportable file formats