How to Repair QuickTime Movie Files?

Everything seems to be working fine until there is some fault in the QuickTime media player which halts all of sudden and closes down. You again started the QuickTime media player and tried to play the movie file, but this time there is no sound in it and it breaks abruptly. Assuming that the QuickTime media player is corrupted, you try to play the movie file in other media players but the end result is still same!!

The QuickTime media player was developed by Apple Inc. and are compatible with all the OS X versions. The QuickTime player is capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images and interactivity. Even though this fantastic player has got so many aces, users can’t escape from the issues which emerge while playing a movie file in QuickTime.

But, always we can’t put a blame on QuickTime. So, as said earlier the movie file not being able to play in other media players also is a confirmation that the file is corrupted.

So, what to do now? Is this the end of the movie or can it be repaired and viewed again? Relax! This is not the end! You straightforwardly repair the corrupted QuickTime movie file using Yodot MOV Repair program.

QuickTime Movie Repair Software:

If the movie file is not played in QuickTime media player or in any other media players, then it has to be assumed that the file is corrupted. Instead of being upset the first thing to do now is to install Yodot MOV Repair application in the system.

Yodot MOV Repair application will perform deep scanning of corrupt QuickTime movie file to repair errors and create a healthy playable movie on Mac OS with the help of its advanced features. This MOV repair software uses best algorithms to effectively repair truncated QuickTime movie files in simple steps. It comes in handy when you have to repair High Definition videos that are created by various HD cameras, camcorders and iPhones. Other than MOV file, this tool is also capable of repairing MP4 and M4V files which get corrupted due to various scenarios. As soon as the fixing process gets completed, you can easily preview the contents of repaired QuickTime movie file before saving it to the particular destination location.

How to Repair Damaged/Corrupted QuickTime Movie Files?

Step 1: Run Yodot MOV Repair tool, browse for the corrupted/damaged QuickTime movie file (also choose a healthy file as reference) and click on Repair button.

Select QuickTime Movie File to Repair

Step 2: After the completion of the process, the software will show the repaired QuickTime movie file. Preview and check your fixed QuickTime movie.

Preview Repaired QuickTime Movie

Step 3: At last, Save the repaired QuickTime movie file to the desired destination location.

Save Repaired QuickTime Movie File


  • Install good antivirus application in the system to prevent virus infection on your favorite QuickTime movie files
  • Don’t remove the external storage media abruptly when the QuickTime movie file present in it is being processed/played
  • Use compatible video converters to convert QuickTime movie files to another format

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