How to Fix Recovered MP4 Video Files?

MP4 files are based upon the MOV format that is made popular by Apple. Generally speaking an MP4 file will contain audio and video information such as a video clip. These files are quite large depending upon compression codex used. Large MP4 files are more prone to corruption as they span large sections of physical media.

Consider a scenario, where you are clearing out some of the unwanted data on your hard drive. But you accidentally deleted a folder containing your family videos from system hard drive. You have used several “undelete video file” programs to recover them and many products have recovered MP4 video files with same name, extension and file size. But none of them are playing in any media player I have tried, so how can I repair MP4 video file and make it to be played in media player?? Does anyone know a way to repair corrupt MP4 files after recovery tool error? I really need to fix them.

Why recovered MP4 videos won’t play?

All file recovery tool use simple file carving techniques to recover deleted data from selected storage device. The most common file carving technique is Header/Footer carving. It recovers data by identifying the superficial features of the data like header signatures, footer patterns, etc assuming that files is not fragmented.

Once header and footer are found, the data recovery program assumes that all data in between is part of the video file. This will be true only if the file was stored in a single piece without fragmentation. Fragmented files are split into several pieces, each being stored at different places. It means data is not contiguous. This is why the recovered MP4 video files can’t play on media player. Hence you need to use video repair tool for fixing this issues on your video files.

Alien Data:

Therefore, any fragmented video file recovered will contain “alien or unknown data”. This will cause the following problems from less to more serious:

  • Glitches in audio and video
  • Possible crashes during playback
  • Missing footage, different footage clip inserted in video
  • File no longer opens due to inconsistency of video container
  • File not even recovered if software doesn’t find footer

This is the reason why repair service works when other generic tools don’t. Some tools are specially built to solve users’ issues in this regard. Video repair tool can assemble the split video file on the disk together to restore a functional video file.

Best video file repair software:

Yodot MOV Repair is the best video repair tool used by most of users for fixing their corrupted or damaged MP4 video files that are restored using recovery tool. This application repairs MOV and MP4 video files that are damaged on various cameras, camcorders or any other storage media on Mac and Windows operating systems. It is extremely efficient in repairing all the MP4 video files corrupted because of file transfer error, firmware error, file system corruption, card error etc. This video repair tool easily fixes iPhone video files that include MOV, MP4 and M4V video files corrupted and unplayable on any media player safely without damaging them further. So Yodot is the perfect choice for fixation of your MP4 files.

Also along with video file repair, the team has provided extended facilities like recovery of deleted video files from SD card, lost music from PC/laptop, missing videos on iPod and even more, through its wide range of data restoring procedure.

How to use Yodot MOV Repair on Mac?

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair on Macintosh system
  • Run the software and follow the repair process instructions displayed on screen
  • In main screen, click on “Open” option to browse or select the .mp4 file that has to be repaired
  • After selecting the path of the MP4 file which is to be repaired, click on “Repair” option
  • After this the application starts repair process, which is displayed on processing bar
  • Once you finish with the repair process, the application will allow you to preview your repaired MP4 files
  • You can save your repaired MP4 files to the selected drive on your Mac system


  • Don’t use any third party application for converting you MP4 file to other system supported file formats
  • Install good antivirus application to safeguard your media files from virus or malware infection

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