How to Fix Bad MP4 Frames?

“Hello guys… I have problem my MP4 video file recoded in my digital camera. While playing MP4 video file from digicam on Mac system, it is exhibiting abnormal behaviors like sudden freezing, playing only audio, etc. I checked its properties; it is showing some status as ‘Bad Mpeg4 file’. I think it includes bad audio/ video frames. I don’t have any idea about bad frames issue related to MP4 video file. Is it possible to fix bad MP4 frames?? Please respond me with suitable solution to repair bad MP4 frames. Many thanks in advance!!”

MP4 is a renowned video file format, which gives better compatibility with various media players and can be playable on most of the digital gadgets as well as operating systems. However, in certain scenarios you may possibly experience difficulties while playing MP4 files as discussed in scenario mentioned above. Often, bad frames exist in MP4 video file becomes one of the considerable reason for unusual indications with that video file. Let us discuses some causes for bad MP4 frames:

  • Harmful viruses or malware attacks on MP4 files
  • Abrupt system shutdown while playing MP4 video file
  • Storage device corruption where your beloved MP4 files has stored
  • Incompatible codec issues while playing MP4 videos

To overcome these difficulties, if you worrying about fixing bad MP4 frames, then don’t be sad!! With the aid of relevant video file repair tool, you can repair bad frames in MP4 video file.

Bad MP4 frames repair tool:

Yodot MOV Repair software is particularly designed to repair bad MP4 frames issue on Windows. It will detect and fix bad frames in MP4 file thoroughly. Including MP4 video files, this tool can repair MOV and M4V video files efficiently. This utility is designed with read-only property, thereby executes protected repair process for severely corrupted or damaged MP4 files. Also, this application can be used if you are thinking how to fix MP4 no supported tracks found error, error can't find video or audio tracks, MP4 file not found error, MP4 file not recognized and other error messages, etc. Even, you can fix bad MP4 video files saved on external storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, digital cameras, media players, iPods and other devices. This software is flexible with both Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008) and Mac (Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Mavericks) operating systems.

Simple steps to repair bad frames in MP4 file:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair utility and install it to Windows system
  • Run the installed software and track the on-screen steps
  • Later browse for the MP4 video file having bad frames, which you want to repair
  • Next click on “Repair” button to start with the repair process
  • You can analyze MP4 video file repair process at progress bar available
  • Once repair process got concluded, the program displays MP4 file along with its description
  • Then you can preview the fixed MP4 video file by using “Preview” option>
  • Finally, save your repaired MP4 video file to your desired location by using “Save” button on system hdd or other storage devices

Noteworthy Instructions:

  • Backup your beloved MP4 files on more than one storage devices
  • Protect your favorite MP4 files from virus attacks by using good anti-virus software
  • Always play MP4 video files on compatible media players

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