How to Fix Unplayable MOV Video?

I edited my movie file on Final cut pro application and after which, when I tried to play that MOV file it said, “The movie cannot be opened. You may need to install additional software to open this type of file”. I opened the same MOV file on different media players like VLC, quick time but the outcome was same. How can I play MOV video?

Well, the above message is a common error message encountered while playing MOV files. This error message suggests that the MOV file is corrupt and unplayable. In order to play this MOV file, you need try one of the below mentioned methods.

Method# 1: Repair Corrupt MOV video with VLC

To fix MOV that is not playing using VLC media player, you’ll have to follow these below steps:

  • Open VLC Player; go to Media, and then select Convert or Save
  • Next, add input files or streams that need to be transcoded, and then press Convert or Save
  • In the Convert window that appears, give the file name for the destination file
  • Next, select the desired Codec from the profile list
  • Press Edit Selected Profile button to check or edit a specified profile setting
  • You can also select to add a new profile or delete any existing profile
  • Next, press Start

Doing this may help repair MOV files, therefore, making it playable in VLC and other media players. Not working out? Don’t worry, there are other procedures that can also fix MOV video that cannot be played.

Method# 2: Replicating MOV to make it accessible again!

Go through these easy guidelines:

  • To start, make a copy of the original MOV file
  • Rename the video file to AVI
  • Now, open the VLC player
  • Select VLC, then Preferences, and then click on Input or Codecs
  • Then click on Save in the bottom section of the Preferences window
  • Now, select Always Fix next to Repair AVI Files

Method #3: Video Repair Software for MOV and MP4

When none of the above-mentioned solutions help in resolving the issue, you can try using Yodot MOV Repair Software. The tool has the capability to deal with all kinds of reasons that are responsible for making MOV file inaccessible or not playable. The software is expert in fixing recovered MP4 files, and MOV files tat are not playing after recovering with some untrusted third party recovery tool.

Steps to fix unable to play MOV file issue using Yodot MOV Repair Utility

With Yodot MOV Repair Application, you can perform the process of repairing video file in just 3 steps i.e. Browse, Repair and Save. This professional video repair software saves you a good amount of time and you can also approach to an expert for helpful repair advice.

  • Download the software, install and then launch it
  • Select the corrupt MOV file using Browse option
  • After selection, click on the Repair button to start the repair process
  • Allow the repair process to complete, after completion the software shows the video description of the MOV file
  • Preview the repaired file through Preview repaired file button
  • Finally, save your repaired MOV file to your desired location

More about the said software

After the recovery process, the repaired media file can be stored on the external hard drive. Other than MOV file, the software also repairs other video file format like MP4 and M4V. Available in different versions, the software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Since no manual procedures ensure complete and guaranteed repair of video files, this tool can be considered as an efficient option to repair QuickTime video files and make them playable.

Safety measures

  • Backup your important MOV files
  • Make use good antivirus program to remove viruses from your computer
  • Install a good download manager to download MOV files