How To Fix MOV File After Header Corruption

Written by Lucy John on April 26, 2023

Every now and then you may have encountered many errors, when you try to play a MOV file on QuickTime player. These errors doesn’t allow you to play the media file on QuickTime player, even playing the MOV file on different players like VLC, Gom, Windows media player won’t help you in these situations. And the possible reason for this problem is MOV file header corruption.

What does header corruption of MOV file means?

Header is a location in MOV file, which stores the first origin of the block for the file on hard disk. Header files have specification of the file like file size, last modification time, file creation date and etc. So if any information from these header files is missing, then those MOV file cannot be recognized by any media player and in turn can’t play that video file.

What are the reasons for MOV header file corruption?

There are many reasons for a header file corruption some of them include bad sectors on hard disk, abnormal termination of the system or power failure when file in use, interruption while downloading the MOV file and many others. Apart from header corruption there are many other reasons due to which MOV file gets corrupt, few are discussed below:

However, in spite of MOV file corruption, there are software’s which you can use to repair these corrupted MOV files. So all is not lost, try downloading a professional repair application to overcome your problem.

Repair software to fix MOV file

Yodot Video Repair is a professional repair tool which fixes broken, corrupted and damaged MOV file with ease. This repair application fixes MOV file corruption due to header file, broken downloads or any other reason. Apart from repairing MOV file the tool also helps you in repairing MP4 and M4V File, more to this the software fixes MOV file which were recorded by any digital camcorders like Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung and many more.

How to use the software?

Precautionary Measures

  • Regularly backup your MOV file in order to compensate for any data loss situation
  • Use a good antivirus software to delete viruses causing corruption
  • Update your QuickTime player to play the latest MOV files
  • Avoid interrupting MOV file transfer process

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