How to Fix MP4 File on Windows?

Windows operating system is an outstanding platform that allows users to save data and manage them according to their need. One can even play videos and movies of any format in a computer which is running with Windows operating system. Most of the users prefer watching videos with MP4 format as it deliver excellent audio and video quality as compared to other popular video file formats. But sometimes you might be astonished to see MP4 video in a corrupted state on your Windows computer.

Let us take a practical scenario wherein you were transferring MP4 files from external storage device to computer; at that moment your system froze and did not showed any positive signs even after waiting for long time. So using “End Task” option, you have ended everything even the transfer process of MP4 file. After sometime you started transfer of MP4 file and it got transferred successfully without any interruption. But when you tried to play those MP4 file in your Windows computer, it denied to play and just displayed black window without any video or audio in it. You checked for those files in external storage media by connecting it to Windows computer; but result was same and it too failed to play. Such circumstance may make you think what is wrong with the MP4 videos.

Well, MP4 file would have played efficiently on your Windows computer if nothing happened during file transfer process in first attempt. In above case, Windows system got froze during file sharing and you had ended the task which damaged internal structure of MP4 file. Hence, even if it had transferred successfully, you found it in corrupted state. Beside this reason, MP4 file may also get damaged as a consequence of below instances:

  • Usage of not trusted conversion tool on Windows 7 system might damage MP4 file and leave in damaged condition
  • Improper way of closing media device without hitting on the option facilitated by the application may lead to damage the MP4 file on Windows 7 computer
  • If you download or connect any infected device to your Windows 7 computer then viruses may enter into your computer and corrupt existing MP4 file
  • In case there occur any interruption while moving MP4 files from one location to another, then it might get transferred properly but you may find it in a corrupted state
  • MP4 file present in your Windows computer may get damaged if you give command to shut it down even though MP4 file is playing from background on media player

MP4 repair software for Windows:

Never rush to delete MP4 file if you find it in an inaccessible state, because you can fix it efficiently by downloading appropriate MP4 repair software. Yodot MOV Repair is secure software for fixing MP4 video on Windows system. It can repair MP4 file corrupted under any situation and remove all kinds of errors that MP4 file displays. Built in with few steps, it will make repair process very easier by completing it quickly. Even though the software name specifies that it is MOV repair software, you will be able to fix two more popular video file formats namely MP4 and M4V of any size. Also, it will allow you to view repaired MP4 file to check whether it is fully repaired or not. One can fix QuickTime MP4 file as well as the MP4 file which fails to play in different media players such as VLC media player, Windows media center, Windows media player, MX player and so on.

Steps to fix corrupted MP4 file on Windows computer:

  • Download Yodot MOV Repair software by clicking on download link and wait till it gets downloaded
  • Once the download process gets completed, install it on your Windows computer
  • Main screen asks you to select corrupted MP4 file; you also need to select healthy MP4 file for reference
  • Click on “Repair” option to start fixing MP4 file on Windows PC
  • Once the repairing process is over, you will be presented with a window with successful video file repair message
  • Preview fixed MP4 file and finally save it on desired destination

Instructions to Follow:

  • If you suspect that your computer is infected with viruses, then immediately run Antivirus software
  • Never try to shut down your Windows computer when MP4 file is open in media player from background

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