How to Fix Recorded Video?

“Last week, me and my friends had been to trip and we enjoyed a lot and clicked many photos and recorded many videos with my newly purchased camcorder. I wanted to edit few MP4 videos so connected my camcorder to the computer and transferred all videos to it. However, when I tried to open those videos, all of them showed an error message that the video is corrupted. Kindly someone help me out to make them playable, those recorded moments can never be recreated. Hope to get help”

Video camera and camcorders are common in many places today. Almost all individuals seem to have the desire to record birthday, baby milestones, marriage, anniversary, vacation and so on. Unfortunately after recording videos from your camera or camcorder, you may find few issues like above. Besides this, recorded MP4 or MOV videos may also show unusual behavior due to following reasons:

  • Recording videos on low battery should be avoided as it will turn of your camera or camcorder while recording and interruption during video record will damage video and it refuse to play it on media player
  • Shutting down computer when camera is connected to it could damage entire video files which you have recorded from your camera
  • Recorded video of your camera or camcorder might get corrupted if you abruptly remove its memory card without following proper way
  • You will lose access to recorded video in case it is connected to a system which is severely infected with external threats such as spyware, malware, Trojan etc.

Repairing recorded video:

Recorded videos can become corrupted in spite of all precautions. It is not desirable to leave recorded video in a state of inaccessibility as it might hold your closed ones memory. Hence, to get back corrupted videos to normal state, you can trust on Yodot Video Repair software on both your Mac as well as Windows computer to eliminate errors from recorded video file which is damaged due to reasons specified above. This utility fixes video files affected from various issues such as header corruption, file system corruption, index corruption etc. The application has simple and interactive approach that does not require any technical expertise to execute and commence the repair process. It will facilitate simultaneous repair of multiple MOV, MP4 and M4V files no matter it is big or small. Besides this you can fix MOV files that refuse to play on iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, camera, camcorder, multimedia device and so on due to any damage.

Procedure to be carried out to fix recorded videos:

  • First of all download the software by just clicking on “Download now” option provided on the screen
  • Install the software and launch it to begin the repair process
  • Choose corrupted video file and then click on “Repair” option (If you are a Windows user then you should select healthy video file for reference)
  • Upon clicking on “Repair” option, software, application starts to repair selected video file by scanning it
  • As soon as the scanning process is done, you will get a window with successful repair process message
  • Preview repaired MOV file and at last choose a safe location to save it

Remarkable Points:

  • Stop recording video when your multimedia player displays an error message that it is running out of battery
  • Safely remove storage device from your camera, camcorder or mobile by closing video files playing on it
  • Transfer each and every file to your computer in order to keep it as a backup copy

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