How to Play My Canon Videos after Unidentified Image SD Card Error?

Not all aspects are perfect even though technology is growing tremendously. Problems may arise unexpectedly even when everything is fine. Here is one such illustration:

“I was on a project trip and recorded several videos of my project on SD card using Canon EOS. Everything was fine. Hence I moved those video files to my computer and tried to play them. But they are not at all playing. Also my camera started giving me an error that states “Unidentified image”. Entire SD card became inaccessible due to this error. I really need those videos. I tried various media players but no help. So, kindly help me to make my videos playable”.

At this situation it is hard to tell which is faulty i.e. your card or camera. Finest thing to do is use other card in the same camera which is showing error “Unidentified image” and check whether the issue crops up. Also put your error showing SD card in another camera and see you can access any files. If another card works fine in your Canon camera then SD card is the culprit.

What causes SD card unidentified image error?

When 1) header of JPEG files or any saved files on SD memory got corrupted, 2) card is damaged/ broken logically due to user induced mistakes like not formatting the card on a regular basis, random deletion of files, editing images of SD card in computer etc then card gets corrupt and shows error like unidentified image.

How to fix unidentified image error on SD card?

Stop using your card right after the error Unidentified Image on SD card. Get your card out of camera and connect it to computer using a compatible card reader. Try to transfer your images, videos etc files to a folder on system.

Once you are done with this, format the SD card in your camera. If you cannot format it in camera or faced any errors while formatting then follow below stated instructions to safely format the card in system.

  • Got to Computer Management
  • In Storage select Disk Management
  • Select your SD card
  • Right click on it and choose Format
  • Go for FAT32 in File System and click OK button

What if you cannot play copied videos from SD card?

If you are unable to play vital videos which are created using Canon camera after the error SD Card Unidentified Image, then this professional video repair utility will help you to make those video playable.

  • Avail Yodot MOV Repair on your Macintosh or Windows system
  • Select your unplayable Canon video
  • Hit Repair button
  • Use Preview option and check the fixed video
  • If you are contented with result then Save file on safe location

Why Yodot to repair videos after SD card unidentified image error?

As said earlier, when header of a file that is saved on SD card gets corrupt then the error SD card unidentified image appears and you cannot play the video file saved on the card. But Yodot MOV Repair software can fix such header corruptions and make your video playable. The tool is an optimum way to repair your corrupted, broken or damaged MOV files. The application is fitted with advanced mechanism so that it scans affected MOV file bit by bit systematically, replicates its entire content, put in a new file and fixes it proficiently. Using the utility, fixation can be achieved without any complicatedness as it owns simple, smart and preset GUI.

If your Canon video file is of .avi format and you are facing SD card unidentified image error then also you can opt Yodot to fix error playing AVI files on all versions of Mac machine and Windows systems.

Useful Tips:

  • Take out or insert card into camera when camera is off
  • Never power off camera when Read/Write action is going on

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