Solve Freezing Issue Of MOV File On Precise Spots

Written by Lucy John on April 26, 2023

“Hi all, I am facing an eccentric problem during playback of some .mov files. I can play MOV videos flawlessly until a particular point. Exactly on that point (always on the same point), video freezes and makes player to crash. I tried them on different systems and several players as well but result is same. So I thought those MOV files might be corrupted. I searched solution for this in internet but I couldn't find. Does anyone know what might be the problem here and how to repair it?”

Why does a MOV file freeze on same point during each playback?

When internal structure of a video file like MOV is damaged, corrupted or broken the video exhibits symptoms like freeze, no video or audio, getting stuck on same point during each playback etc.

How to repair affected MOV video?

Just follow below stated process to fix your corrupt or damaged .mov files.

How to avoid corruption of MOV file in future?

MOV video file may get affected due to incidents like improper transfer or playback, usage of unsupported player, storage space corruption, errors generated in player, inappropriate conversion etc. So avoid occurrence of these sorts of things to safeguard your vital MOV videos in future.

Why Yodot Repair program to repair your .mov files?

Yodot Video Repair software is an optimum method to fix your corrupted MOV files, which freeze during playback. As the program is equipped with advanced algorithm, it scans corrupt MOV file thoroughly, copies entire content, saves in a fresh file and fixes it efficiently. Since the utility has potential to repair MOV files recorded using any professional cameras of almost all brands, you can trust it to handle situations like can't play GoPro video on computer, Nikon Coolpix video not opening etc. Repairing process can be done without any difficulty with aid of simple, smart and automated interface of application. The tool is capable of fixing MP4 and M4V files along with MOV on all versions of Mac and Windows computers.

Point to be remembered:

  • Maintain proper backup of your very essential MOV videos to save them from unexpected data loss events

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