How to Migrate Old PST File into Outlook 2013?

“I want to move my old PST file into Outlook 2013 application. Previously, when my cousin tried to do, PST got corrupted and I had to lose much data. I don't want to take risk of losing Outlook attributes due to file corruption or any error this time. Is there any easy method to move old PST file into Outlook 2013 on Windows computer?”

Microsoft Outlook program has many versions similar to other Office programs for Windows OS. Managing mail data on Windows desktop is most convenient email service to organize mail account in friendly manner. Outlook 2013 has many advanced features and many users upgrade from old version to Outlook 2013. But the process of moving old PST file to Office 2013 is not easy task. Manually user should export entire old PST file data to safe location then install Outlook 2013, setup Outlook and import it. But this tiresome method can sometimes make imported old PST file data in Outlook 2013 completely inaccessible.

Common scenarios that causes problem while importing old PST file to 2013 are:

  • Saving exported old PST file in virus affected location or on bad sector that can corrupt the file and importing the same into Outlook 2013
  • Exporting and importing PST file in inappropriate way can block the file from opening in MS Outlook 2013 after transfer process
  • Any software malfunctioning or improper setup of Outlook 2013 after incorrect upgrade may refuse to show PST items
  • Error while configuring migrated PST file on Outlook 2013 can sometimes cause inaccessibility of PST file

About Yodot Move Outlook PST software:

Yodot Move Outlook PST utility will give complete solution for how to import old PST file into Outlook 2013 on a Windows PC. User can follow on screen instructions to move calendar events, Task, Rulers, Signature and other attributes of PST to any higher version of MS Outlook successfully. Along with 2013, it can easily import all mail items and profile setting on various versions of MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and Office 365 versions. Along with migrating Outlook attributes on same desktop or between two systems, it is used to create backup of entire Outlook profile at desired time interval using Schedule option. This application is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 OS based computer. Moreover, no need to panic about the process of importing older PST data as the software has 24 /7 technical support team to help users at any point.

Steps to import old PST file into Outlook 2013:

  • Download and install Yodot Move Outlook PST utility on Windows PC
  • Run the tool with the help of given instructions
  • Now click on 'Backup' option among given three options
  • In next screen hit on 'Smart Backup' to take backup of entire PST file along with account settings
  • Save backup file in desired location on system hard drive
  • If you are importing old PST attributes into Outlook 2013 on same desktop then upgrade Outlook version and then run the tool
  • If you are importing to another computer, transfer this backup file onto new computer and run the tool
  • On main screen select 'Migrate' option and choose backup file that you already saved on system disk
  • Now click on set of ‘Next’ buttons and move PST attributes to desired profile in Outlook 2013
  • Then open Outlook 2013 and you will see neatly configured PST file


  • Take backup of Outlook emails regularly to avoid data loss
  • Before continuing with manual procedure of migrating, have complete knowledge about it