Tool to Move Outlook 2013

“I use MS Outlook 2013 to manage my mail data in laptop, which saves more than some hundreds of thousands emails. Since I purchased Office 365 subscription, I need to migrate all my Outlook data onto this new Office suite. I cannot move them manually because it takes lot of time to import and export the contents. Does anyone know how to do this without tedious manual way? Please confer your valuable suggestions.”

Conventional method of moving Outlook data from 2013 application is often error-prone which results into transfer failures or PST file corrupted messages. Since the limited file size for PST in Outlook 2013 has been increased to 50GB, one may save lot of emails and other Outlook data in it. So, moving such data into different computer or to latest Office 365 environment cannot be an easy task. Also, manual way of transferring PST data from Outlook 2013 may end up in the following risks:

  • Incomplete transfer process due to incorrect procedure
  • Since, the process is time consuming, abrupt shutdown or power surge to the system from which Outlook 2013 PST data is being moved to another can damage the data
  • After moving data from Outlook 2013, incorrectly configuring it on new Outlook application

In order to reduce all these risks, the process of moving Outlook 2013 data can be automated with the help of excellent Outlook mover program available online.

Best utility to migrate Outlook 2013 PST data:

Use of Yodot Move Outlook PST is an essential utility to neatly migrate Outlook 2013 Profile onto Office 365 without any error. Embedded with friendly interface, this program can move all attributes of Outlook 2013 Profile plus the account settings. In addition, you can also customize which attributes to be moved from Outlook 2013 onto Office 365 using advanced options. Using this tool it is very simple to setup Outlook 2013 in another Windows system because the process just requires simple mouse clicks which even a novice user can perform. Apart from moving Outlook 2013 into Microsoft Office 365, it is helpful to transfer mail data even from Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications. This tool also provides inbuilt backup and restore facility to preserve Outlook data at times of PST errors and corruption issues. This software is compatible on Windows computers running with Windows 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, 7, Windows Server 2008, Server 2003 and even upcoming Windows 10 OS.

Follow these steps to migrate Outlook 2013 data onto Office 365:

  • Download and install Yodot Move Outlook PST tool on your Windows computer
  • Run the application and in main screen click for ‘Backup’ option
  • Further, select ‘Smart Backup’ option to backup all mail attributes of Outlook 2013 Profile and its settings
  • Save this backup in preferred location and finish backup process
  • If you are moving Outlook 2013 on to other computer, install the software even on that system and copy the backup of Outlook 2013 PST on that system
  • Next, run the utility and choose ‘Migrate’ option from main screen
  • Select the backup file saving all your Outlook 2013 PST data and click couple of Next button to finish the process

Suggestive Tips:

  • Do not proceed with manually moving Outlook 2013 PST data without complete knowledge
  • Read complete instructions and messages while moving Outlook 2013 data using the software