Transferring Outlook 2003 Contacts to New Computer

“Hi, I have configured another mail account in my new computer with Outlook 2010. My old mail account is still hanging in old desktop that is working with MS Outlook 2003. And I need to transfer my entire contact list from this mail account to new computer. I am not bothered about rest of the stuff. Could anyone please tell me how to transfer Outlook 2003 contacts to new computer?”

Contacts in Microsoft Outlook can save details of a person like mobile number, email address, company name and details in which that person works, profile image and much more information. And while trying to move these contact details from Outlook 2003 profile between computers, users commonly opt for conventional export and import method.

Sometimes, during export and import of entire contacts list from Outlook 2003, one may come across instances like:

  • Corruption of exported contacts list from Outlook 2003 PST due to incomplete export / import process
  • Saving exported data to a virus infected external storage device in order to move it to new computer or abrupt transfer of that data from storage device to computer hard drive both of which corrupts the data

To avoid these instances, either user must be careful while transferring Outlook 2003 contacts to new computer or he/she must repeat the process again. There is another solution for this kind of troublesome situation – relying on good Outlook transfer tool.

Software to move Outlook 2003 contacts:

Use of Yodot Move Outlook PST is the right tool to be used when Outlook user needs to transfer Outlook 2003 contacts onto new Windows system. This software can easily export Contacts and other mail attributes from Outlook PST file to either newer version of Outlook or to new computer. This tool is capable of moving even email folders, tasks, rules, alerts, etc. along with Profile settings from one Outlook environment to another. Using this proficient utility, it is now possible to shift PST data from Outlook 2000, 2003 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions to its higher versions. Also, it supports transfer of Outlook Profile into latest Office 365 environment on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers.

Follow these steps to move Outlook 2003 contacts to new system:

  • Download and install Yodot Move Outlook PST program on old PC / laptop
  • After launching tool with the help of instructions, wait till main screen appears
  • Now click on ‘Backup’ option from main screen and select ‘Advance Backup’ option to take backup of Outlook 2003 PST contacts
  • Save this backup file to a known location on old system drive
  • Next copy this backup file in to some external storage media and connect this to your new computer and transfer the backup file onto it safely
  • Then run Yodot Move Outlook utility on new system and choose ‘Migrate’ option from main screen
  • Browse and select the backup file holding entire contact list from Outlook 2003 and simply click on Next button that will configure Contacts to Outlook on new system
  • Open Outlook to check whether transferred Contacts open properly

Special Tips:

  • While proceeding with manual export and import process of Outlook 2003 PST items follow correct procedure
  • Use proper anti-malware tool on new computer to scan external storage devices against harmful virus