How to Transfer Outlook Address Book?

“I want to copy address book from my Outlook and move it to another mail account in friend’s laptop. Can I do it manually or is there any program that can move Outlook address book easily? Please share your comments.”

All email services, to which one configures particular mail account will have Address book that saves contact details of persons. Similarly, Microsoft Outlook Profile can be created with Personal Address Book to store contact information of persons. Usually address book in Outlook is referred as OAB and it holds list of addresses created by Outlook for the name / number to which user sends emails, fax message, etc. Outlook Address Book is created automatically by Microsoft Outlook by collecting information from Contacts folder in PST file.

Moving Outlook Address Book according to user requirements from one PST file to another or between two Windows computers is carried out with the help of import and export options. However, the process requires user to be more knowledgeable in order to minimize the risk of data corruption or failure of process. Manual way of exporting Outlook Address Book is not suggestive if user is very new to Outlook because of the reasons as listed below:

  • Incomplete or interruption during export and import of Outlook Address Book may give raise to conflicts within Outlook making the data inaccessible
  • Importing OAB to Outlook on another computer using virus infected USB drive, can damage the address book
  • Importing OAB on different computer to higher version of Outlook may cause serious configuration issue, leading to PST corruption or unknown errors

In order to get rid of these possibilities while exporting Outlook Address Book, one can always prefer relevant online application to automate the process.

Software to transfer Outlook Address Book:

Yodot Move Outlook PST is the right tool to easily export and import Outlook Address Book between different versions of Outlook application or computers. Using this program, monotonous way of moving OAB can be replaced with simple mouse clicks. The utility binds selected attributes of Outlook Profile even the account settings in different format as backup file. This backup file can then be moved to any location to add the data into different Outlook environment on same or new Windows computer. Apart from Outlook Address Book, it can export emails, rules, calendar events, user defined folders, journals, notes, etc. from Microsoft Outlook PST file. More to this, this utility can be made use to have regular backup of entire Outlook Profile. It can move mail data from PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 application versions. Also it supports to transfer Outlook Profile onto new Office 365 environment. This program works only on PC and laptops running with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Follow these steps to migrate address book:

  • Download Yodot Move Outlook PST software on your Windows computer in which Outlook address book resides
  • Run the application after complete installation and wait till main screen appears
  • Then click on ‘Backup’ option and select ‘Advance Backup’ to choose only Address Book
  • You can select Smart Backup if you wish to move all attributes of your Outlook Profile
  • Save this backup file to a known location on computer drive and close the application
  • If you are exporting this address book to higher version of Outlook on same computer run the application again after upgrading Outlook
  • In case of moving OAB to different computer, transfer backup file onto required computer using USB drive, install the software on that system and run it
  • From main screen, click on Migrate option and select the backup file that holds address book
  • Follow couple of clicks on ‘Next’ button to finish the process
  • Outlook will quickly configure the moved address book to existing PST file on the system

Precautionary measures:

  • Know complete requirements of the tool before running it
  • Take multiple backup of Outlook PST data in to separate locations to avoid unexpected damage during process