How to Fix a Bad PST File?

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Microsoft Outlook is the most used program for communication within an organization. MS Office Outlook is enhanced with more added features which allow you to perform the required task effectively without any disturbance. Sending and Receiving mails, maintaining contacts, calendar and other items that are included under Outlook tool can be maintained without much trouble. This Outlook program stores all the data and other information related to Outlook in separate folder called as personal folder (PST File). Every time the Outlook application is run the PST file is loaded.

Sometimes you might face bad behavior with your PST file due to corruption and find it difficult to access its data. Suppose imagine a situation when you open Outlook application, the PST file was blocked by antivirus tool, stating that it is infected with virus and has to be removed. This situation is of great concern as you face the risk of losing vital information. What has to be done now? Is there any way in which corrupt PST file can be repaired? Can I get back all the data saved in it without losing a single file?

Some of the scenarios that lead to corruption and make PST file to exhibit bad behavior on Windows system are:

  • Exceed Size limit: PST file exceeding its fixed file size limit due to accumulation of data is another reason for Outlook to show errors and it might start freezing when you open it
  • Harmful Threats: If the system is infected with virus/malware threats, there are chances that PST file may get corrupted and become inaccessible
  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drive: If your hard drive contains bad sectors and Outlook PST file is stored on those sectors, then you may experience bad time using your PST file. Due to bad sectors, you can read only part of the PST file or data you read might be incorrect and contains full of errors
  • Other Causes: Abruptly terminating Outlook application or power failure when Sending or Receiving emails, crash of Outlook application, etc can cause bad PST file How to repair the PST file?

If you are unable to open the PST file, then it would be because of PST file corruption. In such case, you can use Inbox Repair tool to fix issues in PST file and make it back to its working condition. The procedure to follow to use Inbox Repair tool is as follows:

  • Quit Microsoft Outlook if it is running
  • Double click on Scanpst.exe to launch the program
  • Enter the name of the PST file that has to be checked or just click on Browse button to select corrupt PST file
  • After selection of PST file scanning process takes place on completion of which you can start Repair procedure by clicking on Repair button
  • As soon as the repair process gets completed, start Outlook using the profile that was repaired

Even after performing the above process, if you are unable to get back information from PST file then the best option that is left is to use an effective PST repair program that can fix bad PST file within short duration of time.

Yodot Outlook PST Repair software can be considered as one of the most popular PST repair utility that can repair and restore emails and other valuable data from bad PST file due to corruption. It is built with powerful repair algorithms to fix PST file and recover emails along with Contacts, Notes, Calendar items, Tasks, archive folders etc. Help yourself with the demo version of Yodot Outlook PST Repair so that the utility can be easily evaluated. If you are satisfied with the results, then purchase key to get access to full information from repaired PST file. This repair program can be installed on all latest versions of Windows operating systems.

Follow the guidelines to repair bad PST file on Windows OS:

  • Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair application by logging in as local system administrator
  • As soon as the installation process gets completed, you are provided with shortcut icon on desktop
  • Run the program and follow instructions that are provided on the main screen of the tool
  • Click on Open PST File and then get into next screen where you are provided with further list of options
  • Click on Find option to select the PST file and then proceed to the Next window by clicking on Next button
  • After selecting the PST file, click on Normal Scan option or Smart Scan option as per the scenario that has led to the corruption of PST file
  • Now, select the destination path for saving the PST file using the Browse button
  • Upon selecting the destination location, click on Repair button
  • You can view the contents of the repaired PST file when the repair process gets completed

Safety Tips:

  • Make use of updated antivirus application to prevent virus infection on PST file
  • Regularly, keep checking the size of PST file
  • Follow proper procedure while exiting Outlook program

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