How To Restore Deleted or Missing Sent Emails In Outlook?

Written by Lucy John on April 28, 2023

“I have composed a mail-in order to send it to a few clients. The email was very large and I have discussed everything about my upcoming project in that mail. As the mail was very confidential and related to my project, I have deleted it from the sent items. After deletion, I realized that I forgot to include one of my important clients in the original list of recipients. Does anyone know how can I get back sent email from outlook?”

Outlook is a well-known application and it does not need an introduction. It contains many folders and Outbox is one of them. Many users keep their sent emails in order to evaluate the transmission of emails and also to forward emails to someone else who is not included in the sent items list.

However, sometimes you may be the victim of the above situation. Microsoft Outlook contains a folder named “Deleted items”. It includes information about the message recipient and also the details of the time and date when the user has sent the email. You can open the “Deleted Items” folder and move required emails to the desired location.

However, the “Deleted Items” folder fails to save emails when it has been removed using the “Shift + Delete” keys. At the same time, the ‘Deleted Items’ folder saves mails only for 14 days and automatically deletes them if they are not restored before that. So, to get back emails from Outlook Sent Items, you are suggested to employ the Outlook PST Repair software.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Are My Sent Emails Being Deleted In Outlook?
  2. How Do I Recover My Deleted Or Missing Sent Emails In Outlook?

Why are my sent emails being deleted in outlook?

Along with Shift deletion and emptying “Deleted items” folder, sent emails may get lost from your computer during Antivirus software scanning. Antivirus may sometimes not notify about infected emails from sent items and automatically delete them. In addition to this, one of the most prominent causes of email loss from ‘Sent Item’ is PST file corruption. When the PST file is corrupted, you will not get access to any attributes along with sent items emails. The first and foremost thing you should try to fix a corrupted Outlook PST file is to use the ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ on a duplicate copy of the file; never run ScanPST on the original file.

However, this utility will only help you to fix PST data files and not recovery of emails in Outlook after the deletion or unidentified missing events. Also, ScanPST doesn't assist you to repair unhealthy Outlook data files that have crossed the maximum file size. If you force to fix such oversized files using the Inbox tool, the process would end up corrupting the file severely.

How Do I Recover My Deleted or Missing Sent Emails in Outlook?

Recovering sent items folder or emails in Outlook can be done using various methods. Here is the list of tried and tested solutions to recover my sent emails in Outlook:

  1. Enable the option to save the copy of messages in the sent items folder
  2. Manage the Outlook Group Policy Settings
  3. Clean out the older emails
  4. Set another folder to receive the sent items
  5. Recover Sent Emails in Outlook Using Yodot Outlook PST Repair Tool [Most Preferred]

Method 1: Enable the option to save the copy of messages in the sent items folder

Sometimes the given option will be disabled, so there is no chance of getting the email in the required folder. So, you should enable the option as soon as you want to save the sent emails.

  1. Click on the File in Outlook application menu bar.
  2. file-outlook

  3. Click on the Options that will open the Outlook options wizard.
  4. file-options-outlook

  5. Now, go to Mail category and in the Save Messages, click the checkbox to Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder.
  6. mail-save-messages

  7. Restart Outlook and try to send a test email.

Method 2: Manage the Outlook Group Policy Settings

The Outlook Group Policy settings control the email handling on a more detailed level. You just need to make sure that the E-mail options are working as per your control.

  1. In the Outlook, you need to follow the below path to reach to the E-mail options.(User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Outlook > Outlook Options > Preferences > E-mail Options)
  2. After opening the E-mail options wizard, go to the Message handling >> Enabled, and that will enable the policy.

Method 3: Clean Out the Older Emails

When the user has not fixed the properties for any folder, then the emails will continue to grow in number and there will not space for the new ones.

  1. Go to Sent Items folder, right-click on it. Then choose Properties.
  2. clean-out-older-emails-1

  3. Now, Go to the AutoArchive tab and Enable the option to Archive this folder using these settings. Then select ‘Clean out items older than’, then set the period.
  4. clean-out-older-emails-2

  5. At last, use the option ‘Permanently delete older items’ and click Apply.

Method 4: Set Another Folder to Receive the Sent Items

When you are going to compose a new mail, then you can set the option to Save the Sent item to a different folder than the default one.

  1. Click New Email and go to Options tab.
  2. In the Save Sent Items to, and click other folder in the drop down.
  3. save-another-folder

  4. Select another folder than the original one to save the sent mail.

By following the above methods you should be able to recover the sent emails in Outlook. However, if you are not able to recover sent emails using the above methods then your pst might be corrupted don't worry you can fix it through the Yodot PST Repair tool.

Method 5: Recover Sent Emails in Outlook Using Yodot Outlook PST Repair Tool

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is a well designed software which will first repairs the Outlook PST files (if it is corrupted) and then recover deleted or lost items such as sent emails, calendar entries, contact lists, notes, tasks, RSS feeds etc. This tool recovers deleted or missing sent emails with just few simple clicks. Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool for free.

Steps to recover sent emails from Outlook PST:

Tip to Never Lose Your Emails Again:

  • Do not use “Shift + Delete” keys to delete any emails from sent items or any other folder from Outlook
  • Check “Deleted items” folder before emptying it

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