How to Solve Microsoft Outlook 2003 Problems?

Outlook is developed by Microsoft, which is one of the most reputed names in industry. While most of the computer programs especially made by reputed companies tend to function well most of the time, the tough lesson to learn is that no program is perfect. Microsoft Outlook 2003 has had many bugs and problems over the years. That being said, there are also many fixes that have been devised for those problems.

Instructions to resolve Microsoft problems in Outlook 2003:

The instruction to resolve common Microsoft problems in Outlook 2003 are given below.

Update your Outlook to resolve Microsoft problems associated to it:

Updates are very important as it contains fixes for bugs. So, update your Outlook once in a while to eliminate most of the Microsoft problems associated with it. You can update your Outlook by following below mentioned instructions:-

  • Visit Microsoft’s website and download latest service pack for Microsoft Outlook 2003.
  • Double click on the OfficeSBMESP4-KB930954-FullFile-ENU.exe to install it.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation process and restart your computer

Now try logging into Outlook again and if it’s still causing problems then try creating new profile.

Procedure for creating new profile on Outlook 2003:

  • Create a new profile by clicking on the “Start” button
  • Then, select “Control Panel” -> “Mail” -> “Show Profiles” -> “Add”
  • Type the desired name of your profile
  • Click on “Prompt for a profile to be used“ and press “Ok” twice
  • Finally end this procedure to fix Microsoft problems in Outlook by opening your Outlook 2003. Now, you will be prompted to choose the profile you want to use. Select the profile which you have created from the list. Check if you can send and receive emails properly, if it is working fine you have to import your old contacts manually.

By using the above procedure with your Outlook 2003 you can resolve Microsoft problems associated to it. What if this Outlook 2003 problem corrupts the PST files on your system? If PST files are corrupted, then you cannot access your emails or other things from Outlook. Hence at this part of time, you must use any of the Outlook PST file repair tool. Yodot Outlook PST is most recommend PST repair software for these type of issues or any other problems that are occurred while using PST files on Outlook 2003 and other Outlook versions.

Software to resolve Microsoft Outlook 2003 problems:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is the excellent software which is used for fixing Microsoft Outlook 2003 problems that are encountered while accessing the Outlook. You can fix Microsoft Outlook errors, corrupt or damaged PST files and OST files. In addition to repair, it will recover all deleted items like emails, contacts, notes, schedule tasks, calendar events , sent items, journals, personal folders etc from all versions of Microsoft Outlook applications on system running Windows operating system. By utilizing its deep scanning technology, it will repair password protected PST files that are present on the computer.

How to use Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool on Windows?

  • Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on your Windows computer
  • After installation, launch the software and follow the instructions of the application
  • Select appropriate option from main page i.e.,“Open PST File” or “Find PST File”
  • Select “Open PST File” option, if you know where exactly your Outlook 2003 PST file is located
  • Otherwise, select “Find PST File” option to search for the location of Outlook 2003 PST file in a particular drive
  • Select particular Outlook Profile when you have multiple profiles, then select this option to repair a particular Outlook profile PST files
  • Browse the destination location to store the regained Outlook 2003 PST files
  • According to your selection, the software will scan and repair the desired Outlook 2003 PST file and restore it in a new healthy Outlook PST file
  • After the software finishes the scanning process, you will be able to view the repaired Outlook 2003 mails and other elements like contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc after opening the new PST file in Microsoft Outlook application

Useful tips:

  • Better have backup of your PST files, before upgrading the Microsoft Outlook application
  • Always update your anti-virus application to avoid virus attack on your PST files
  • Terminate your Outlook application properly after the completion of your work