How to Resolve Outlook 2007 Data File Errors?

“I have upgraded Outlook 2003 to 2007 and after upgrading, I am getting data file error message if I open Microsoft Outlook. The error message reads like ‘A data file was not closed properly last time and is being checked for errors’. I thought Outlook will automatically solve this issue as the checking was in process. After few minutes, I got a message that the data file check completed. I have closed the dialogue box and tried to reopen Outlook but same message is repeating without any positive result. How to overcome this situation please suggest me”

The above described situation may occur with your Outlook PST 2007 file. Generally Inbox Repair Tool successfully works when this type of error message encounters while you are working on PST file. However, if anything happens when you are carrying out any task related to Outlook, then Inbox Repair Tool cannot fix it up. Also, sometimes it may happen that Inbox Repair Tool does not show any issue related to Outlook but when same PST file is tried to open in Outlook, it may complain that Outlook file is corrupted.

Causes for Outlook 2007 data file errors:

  • Errors on Outlook 2007 PST file may occur when you forcefully close it without giving command to exit properly using suitable option
  • Downloading the attachment from Outlook 2007 PST file that contains harmful viruses is the prominent reason for getting data file errors
  • Power failure while moving PST 2007 file from one location to another could damage it making it to display error messages
  • Unknowingly saving PST file on hard drive that contains bad sectors may give rise to Outlook PST 2007 data file errors

Outlook 2007 data file error repair tool:

Apart from SCANPST.EXE there is no any other built in utility to fix errors in Outlook 2007 data file. Therefore utilize outstanding tool like Yodot Outlook PST Repair which is the most affordable and efficient repair software to remove errors from PST file. It works successfully to fix Outlook 2007 data files irrespective of their level or severity of corruption. Also it guarantees safe PST file repair without altering any content of original PST file. It will resolve Outlook error synchronizing folder, Outlook send and receive error, Outlook Scanpst error, Outlook CRC error, Outlook is not a valid PST file error, Outlook access denied error, Outlook file permission error etc. It is programmed to fix even 2007 OST file along with PST file irrespective of its size. This application will facilitate two scanning options which helps to determine level of corruption in existing Outlook 2007 data files. In addition to Outlook 2007, you can use this Outlook data file repair software to fix Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2010 versions saved on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7 and latest Windows 8.1 systems.

Instructions to fix Outlook 2007 data file errors:

  • Download Yodot PST Repair software and install it on your Windows computer
  • Run the software and go through the procedure to fix Outlook 2007 data file errors
  • First screen displays three options which are “Open PST File” “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook profile”
  • Choose anyone option with respect to the requirement and then browse the location where you want to save newly created PST file
  • Mark anyone scanning method and hit on “Repair” option to begin the scanning process
  • You can now see the progress of scanning in status bar
  • As soon as the scanning process is over, you will get a window of successful Outlook 2007 data file repair message
  • Preview required items from repaired Outlook 2007 data file to check its quality
  • At last visit the location where you have stored repaired Outlook 2007 data file

Informative points:

  • Keep backup of Outlook 2007 data files before upgrading it to higher version
  • Do not try to fix Outlook 2007 data file whose size is more than 2GB as it will corrupt it severely

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